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Very solid critique! Thank you for trying it out. XD

4/5 couldn't give you anything for the subcategories though. I enjoyed it. The Reading Words to Making Decisions ratio is very high. I was able to explore multiple branches of the story without the usual stress from reading walls of text this medium throws at you.

It was fun. The game balance is off by a lot though. I got to the point where the 2nd chaser always spawns as a fast police man he is too fast. The only way to keep playing is if you are lucky enough to get the right upgrade to get rid of them every time. The start was fun. I gave it a 3.

Though the entry curve was steep and almost caused me to rage quit , think I actually exited to menu because of it, after I got past that it was a very good, engaging game. The idiot knights also had a lot of character, that may have contributed to the stress in the beginning too, but i enjoyed that. If learning curve was gone I would give it a 5 but as it is , its a 4. Nice Job!

Thanks for the enthusiasm. I began working on it again and I update my twitter a lot

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If you have downloaded the right version for your operating system (Windows 32bit, Windows 64bit, Linux, Mac), try to lower the settings all the way. Tell me if that works.

Thanks that's inspiring.

I see what you are saying. I will develop it further, but there won't be any playable updates untill its done. I will release a demo of the completed game, but the final full version I will sell for $1-5 dollars. Thanks for the Feedback :D

Thanks for the reply. I think I will continue. Thanks to all you lovely people I have a clearer vision of the game.

Join me on here when you feel like it. I am the guy named Paladin. You will see me in the roster on the right.

Thanks for trying it out glad you liked it. You can always help with future playtests and give suggestions. Currently, I am leaning to make better concept art in order to create a more defined art style. Any suggestions on that would help. Other than that all our bases are covered and I can't afford to hire.

Thank you very much! I can't wait to see the video. Thanks for the encouragement! Because of all the support I decided I will continue this project after a few months of game jamming.

Thanks for the enthusiasm. I'll continue working after a break of a few months. If I start developing this game again you will hear it first on

I hope so :D

I saw that one. I think the difference is large enough to continue. I think hey released it to early. Even for early access there is too little original assets. I"ll keep an eye one it. Thanks for the link to the steam I only saw some videos on youtube.

Feels really good to hear that. Makes me feel like getting back to work sooner. Can't promise anything but, If you use twitter then that is that is the best way to get updates when I get back to work

Yeah this demo launch really showed me that its possible to make fun and deep game out of this if its refined a bit more and expanded. Thanks for the reply. Its people like you that keep me going. I"ll just need to take time off to get better and not screw up the final product. :D

This was a very emotional release for me. Thank you for all the feedback and replies. I will continue developing this game after a hiatus of about 6 months. Hopefully the game doesn't get cloned by then :D.

I need these months to develop my skills a bit more through game jams and networking.

Wow, thanks a lot! There is nothing more encouraging than someone putting the effort into making an entire video! : D

Alright! Thanks for the reply its really encouraging.

Thanks for replying. I really didn't expect you to favor Azure Drive over this. Oh well. If I develop it further I will update you. Good luck.

Thanks for the feedback. These are very good suggestions. I"ll keep some notes for when I return to working on this game.

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This was a 6 month long project for me. Its obviously got a long way to go before it is worth buying for any amount of money.

I created this early demo to see the response, and answer the question of killing the project or putting it away the and continuing it later. Constructive discussion and criticism is very appreciated.

I love the input. The raising and lowering the platforms is a cool idea. The movement and level design does need a lot of work. I'll work on all of that when I pickup this project again. Thanks a lot for making the video. I'm gonna end up re-watching it several times.

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This game has a lot of potential. The method you are using for story telling and character building is very good. If you were able to put more time into it and had a lot more testing you would be able to polish out all the things getting in the way of making this a great game. Playtest this with anyone you can find to get more feedback than I can give right now if you plan on continuing development. I really want to see this made into something. (From one of the participants of SummerPixelJam, shame you coulldn't make it in time)

I really wish the cloud colors reacted to the day and night cycle. Other than that its a great sandbox experience. 9.731/10 almost 9.732.

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I think this game has a lot of potential. It actually has that Battlefield feel. I Just really needs hit feedback and better feeling guns. More bass in the AK and maybe some reverb? Oh and definitely a minimap.

If nothing else i enjoyed the nostalgia inducing music in lvl 1 and 3 music.

It was very frustrating in the beginning but then it got better by the 3rd and 2nd to last level as the controls became easier to deal with. The controls were great but the entry curve was a bit too steep. Very fun and engaging game once you get over the hump and know how to shoot the right spells the right way, You also did a great job at making the knights feel like idiots and assholes, I loved that :D

Opps I didn't even answer your question. :P Yeah we will definitely put it on Game Jolt if the voting results on the #SummerPixelJam are good. voting will start in 18 hours.

I will definitely push up those two fronts if we start working on the full version. Thank you very much for your feedback. :)

That's a solid point. I'll try to improve the hit feedback if we start developing a full version. Thank you so much for the input! :)

I am honored that you made a video about it! I am ecstatic actually! Thank you so much. If this game places first we will develop it further, improve graphics, add more powers, enemies, mechanics. If it gets anything less or it is clearly mediocre, we will have to move on to something better. Thank you so much for replying and contributing!

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This is our first project with this much potential publicity so I would like to hear what you hate about the game and why it sucks.

Please be constructive not destructive.

This game was made in a month for the #SummerPixelJam. The composer is, Carlos Pazuzu and the other two devs are Diego "Deces", and Edward Park. We had many testers that also made it into the game credits.

Our twitter handle is @DuoPseudo if you want to see the development progress from prototyping onward.