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Theme: Unwanted Powers

Welcome to the #SummerPixelJam 2016.

Summer Pixel Jam is a game jam, where you have one month, during the summer period (June), to make a game. The game should be 'inspired' by a theme, which is released when the jam starts.

So go out in the sun, with a cold beer, and enjoy jamming in the summer!

Your game will be in a vote in the following categories

  • Best Overall
  • Best Sound & Music
  • Best Graphics
  • Most Inspiring Mechanics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: May I use free assets or plugins in my game, which hasn't been created by me?
A: Yes, you're allowed to use third party assets, plugins and code, as long as you have the rights for the material used.

Q: If I want to 'promote' the development of my game regarding this jam on twitter. Which hashtag should I use?
A: We encourage you to use the hashtag #SummerPixelJam when you post screenshots, videos and development articles about your game.

Q: Are there any restrictions of which game engine/library to use?
A: No, you're allowed to create the game in any game engine you like.

Q: Are there any restrictions of which platform I should make the game for, like e.g. only Windows?
A: No, you're allowed to create a game, for the platform you like. Be aware that if you create a game for a platform which isn't so used in the community, then your game might get fewer votes, because people can't play it.

Q: May I only make a 2D game?
A: No, this jam encourages all kind of games, and thereby also both 2D and 3D games.

Q: May I only make pixel art styled games?
A: No, you're are free to choose the art style you like. Wether it is pixel art, high end textures or anime style etc.. Don't get fooled by the jam title.

Q: Can I enter the jam as a team?
A: Yes, you can enter as a team, or as a single person. Just be aware that only one member from the team, should upload the game for the votes.

Q: When will the jam theme be released.
A: The theme will be released 2 hours before the jam starts.

Q: Should the game relate to the theme of the jam?
A: Yes and no, the purpose of the theme is to be inspired to make a game, however it will be more fun, if the game in some way relates to the theme. It may also influence how people choose to vote on your game, since some people may think that a the winning game, should also be related to the jam theme.

Q: Can I keep working on my game after the jam is over?
A: Yes, you have the full ownership of your own game, and may do what ever you want with it.


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Travel through salvia space.
You've mutated yourself to shoot lasers out your face. Sneak into the lab and try to reverse it!
Fast Paced FPS
Healer class simulator
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Unwanted Power
Now's your chance to get superpowers!
#SummerPixelJam 2016: Unwanted Powers. Have fun at the beach!
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