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I've been really wanting to play this game but the aspect ratio is off whenever I launch it (and even worse if I try to play in windowed mode) and I'm not sure how to fix it. Ideas?

I played this game and I thought it was a lot of fun. There are some minor tweaks that could be made here and there, but for what it was I really enjoyed it!

I played this game and I had... an interesting time to say the least.

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I really enjoyed playing this game, and I'm really excited to see what comes next! There are a couple hitches in the gameplay, but I really like the direction it's going!

Here's a video of my gameplay:

(Video will be up February 27, 4:00 PM EST)

I really liked the atmosphere of this game! If you wanted to, I feel like you could do even more with this concept, but it's a solid game as it stands.

(Video will be up at 4:00 PM EST)

No problem! Feel free to update me on any stuff you make, I'd love to play more!

I definitely think you should continue working on this game! I played it for a YouTube video and I had so much fun, even when it's at such an early stage. There's definitely a lot of things to work on, but for what it is, it was great.

(If you want to hear my commentary on it, the video is here and will be up at 4 p.m. EST tomorrow, February 16th.)

I wish you nothing but the best. There is so much potential to this game and it was awesome!