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Side note: spears are useless. I'ts end is simply too small and i'ts too hard to get the exact distance required to kill somebody by swinging. Plus the idea of a spear (and a spear wall) is that your opponent can't get to you without impaling himself. It would be cool if the player had very similiar mechanics to the bots (for example: you could damage enemies by simply walking into them with a weapon)

Side note 2.0: Horses are useless. Any short weapon is too short to damage enemies standing under you. Plus they just die in one hit from anything, so they're even more useless for the player.

Besides that i have no side notes. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for your feedback/suggestions. There was this behaviour that weapons would always kill, even if you haven't attacked, but many people didn't like that behaviour... The horses will need some serious balancing, but I will find a solution.