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I just dont understand whats it saying... any help, please?

This game is so fun

I love the game!

I love the game!

This is definetly the best game on 2017!

I have saved all the people :D

Half of the comments are playthroughts, so much self advertisment XD

Please stop spamming

Nope it will never be multiplayer (dev said)

Could you stop spamming?

If you can become a capitain of a new ship, how to get one?

This game is great, Cant wait for the full version :D

It needs a bit of optimization, but this is one of my favourites. Cant wait for updates :D

Like hacking or arresting bar.

Developer said it wont be free... And it is going to be on steam (for money D; )

Anyway a nice and unique game. Hope you balance it better(if you ever update).

Where are the updates?

Where are the updates?

Who had the bright idea to change difficulty with resolution? I played like 10 times with the highest resolution and lost...

Where are the updates dude?

I know. I am sorry I was angry when I wrote that comment.