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Has to be a full gamepad (ABXY, Two sticks, trigger buttons, D-pad) though. No NES controllers.

Thanks! Finally, I can step outside into the big wide world!

And kill people

I'm also wondering this. I learned how to pick things up and shoot guns, but I can't seem to open the door.

I'm not sure how to navigate the interface... I can't seem to find the campaign button...

I'm excited! This game has all sorts of mayhem and destructions!

Dangit, I want donuts now.

Darn, I would love to play 3D Megaman on my retropie. Still, amazing job! It works like a dream!

Simple. Left click to move, right click to necromance. When your army moves closer to another army, they will begin attacking. When the entire army is dead, you can right click and their corpses reanimate on your side. Later, the troops get stronger, and you get wizards and minature rock monsters coming at you. Also, stay away from the bottom right. Until you're powerful.

I changed the scrolling text to read nothing but "CHEESE" over and over again.

I'm a succesful human!

This game is so fun! I'll be sure to pick up a copy on steam if and when the price goes down!

I didn't see any topics, so I thought I just would open a new one.

Great game! Fun and frantic! And the graphics are phenomenal!

Okay cool. Good game!

Thanks, but I was talking about ground physics-maybe add those characteristics to ground tiles so I could blow those up too

Cool! I'm excited for these future updates

This is super fun! I'm only disappointed that you can't destroy the ground. Maybe physics would be disabled until it comes into contect with shrapnel or a bomb itself? Maybe as a toggleable setting for those with lower-end computers.

Okay mate, I get it! You're in space!

Woah! This game was totally revamped from the last time I played it! Looks amazing, but needs some cool music.

When I was googling around, I found a mix which I think would suit this game quite well. It's a sort of retro techno. I don't know, but I appreciate just how rapidly development is going and think this is a lot of fun.

Maybe add 3-4 players? I mean, it's fine, but to play with tons of people would be chaotic and awesome.

This game is exellent-and it's free. I would easily pay money for this.

It's lacking in content; but still pretty fun!

It's a bit short, but super fun and moderately difficult. Exellent work!

Thanks! More levels are coming (hopefully) soon! With any luck, around christmas!

This game is so much fun-especially when you have a large group of people to entertain. So many people can play, it's amazing. But the gameplay is a bit on the repeating side. New arenas (ice, slippery, maybe huge theater, a tiny table, or maybe one with falling walls) different sizes, or maybe different domino skills would be cool. Another interesting addition would be options like how heavy the dominos are, how many are in a trail, and how big the dominos are. Or, if adding a different arena is out of the question, arena size. Thanks for the great game!


The spells are hard to memorize, and the gameplay is slow.

POSITIVITISM (that's a word now) ALERT

The effects look very nice, and it's a great concept. Maybe make the spells more accessible during gameplay so that it's not a bunch of mispressed keys and the occasional ice burst. But that's just my uneducated opinion.

This is very confusing-it looks fun, but any sort of "how-to" type thing would be very helpful.

Glitch-If you die while mounting a vehicle, even when dead, you can control it.

Wait-M displays the map? Oh man! This helps so much!

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I love the questionable physics, and the gameplay is funny and difficult. I've tried to play on dustbowl, but it's just so big, I just can't manage.

Pretty cool! Although the splitscreen is a bit difficult to work with... maybe add match sizes for people who don't want that?

Pretty great! Controls are a bit hard, but that's cool!