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Local multiplayer stabbing game for PC, Mac, Linux · By Madgarden


A topic by Danny G. created Oct 07, 2016 Views: 5,825 Replies: 16
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nothing so far

Don't you say? (!)

It's even possible to make mods of this? o_0 How?


Well you can edit the graphics and music in the data directory for starters. Functionality can't be changed currently, but who knows... I might allow that with RUMBLE.

Hello Madgarden! I would kindly ask if I'm allowed to make a forum where people can download mods for you game, EGGNOGG+. I have a system that would involve people having to download the game from wherever they get it from (, Gamejolt or somewhere else) so that people get the original files, and you get more downloads ;). The system goes that you are only allowed to upload the files you need to change in the files of EGGNOGG+, such as misc. Please answer soon, thank you and goodbye. August

Deleted 3 years ago

Could you send me the ninja star retexture? i tried making one myself but it didn't work.


I changed the scrolling text to read nothing but "CHEESE" over and over again.

I'm a succesful human!

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Apparently you can edit a lot of the text in game with a HEX editor, but the text you change must me the same length as the original text.

Like change EGGNOGG+ logo to STAB ME (7 Letters each with spaces) but cant change it to say STAB GAME

EDIT: I was able to change the text to a different length too. haha


Yes as long as the custom text is the same or shorter length, and zero-terminated, it should be fine.

Please what's the file to open with HEX editor ?

Mad, is your program secure concerning buffer oveflows ?

Open The main Executable binary.


If you are editing with a HEX editor then nothing is secure, heh.

Yay such a dumb question...

AI? for Single Playing

Yes! I've done a mod because I was to impatient to wait for Rumble :)

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well I edit some graphics in eggnog+ so now it looks like minecraft, i call it minenog+, well this is the final version (i think :P)

here are some screenshots of "Minenog+" :P

Finishing a sprite set for characters to look like link from first the legend of zelda!

Planning on finishing it today or tomorrow


i made a new mod, its called RUMNOGG, its about pirates images and game