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A topic by Danny G. created 233 days ago Views: 834 Replies: 10
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nothing so far

Don't you say? (!)

It's even possible to make mods of this? o_0 How?


Well you can edit the graphics and music in the data directory for starters. Functionality can't be changed currently, but who knows... I might allow that with RUMBLE.

I edited some graphics and sprites and stuff (so instead of having a sword, a ninja star) and besides changing the looks it kinda also changes the hitboxes so it changes the game a lot if you're used to it.

I changed the scrolling text to read nothing but "CHEESE" over and over again.

I'm a succesful human!

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Apparently you can edit a lot of the text in game with a HEX editor, but the text you change must me the same length as the original text.

Like change EGGNOGG+ logo to STAB ME (7 Letters each with spaces) but cant change it to say STAB GAME

EDIT: I was able to change the text to a different length too. haha


Yes as long as the custom text is the same or shorter length, and zero-terminated, it should be fine.

Please what's the file to open with HEX editor ?

Mad, is your program secure concerning buffer oveflows ?

Open The main Executable binary.


If you are editing with a HEX editor then nothing is secure, heh.

Yay such a dumb question...