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also, I say this because it's really hard to look at other people's test without getting caught. (And I do not like jumpscares.)

so, uh... Does anyone have an answer key? Maybe I could look in the source code, but that's too complicated.

PS: I'm using LÖVE version

Could you send me the ninja star retexture? i tried making one myself but it didn't work.

I also LOVED the game. the adding of the socks you can find is neat. story overall is great.


PS: I can't figure out the other language. (the one binder used.) if anyone can tell me how to decode it, email me at

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I decoded your darksider language. here is the 9 quotes said in it in order from beginning to end.

  1. You will understand when its over. This is for the best.
  2. That will not happen. Not now. Not yet.
  3. We can fix this.
  4. It is almost over. Everything will be alright.
  5. Do not interfere. He is not ready. You know this.
  6. Its time. Are you ready?
  7. You made it this far. Just don't give up.
  8. Its going to be ok. You can do this.
  9. Dark amplify shatter. (this one is from the "dark" ending.)