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What are we supposed to do here?

Fun game, Great features. Reminds me of F Zero. The ships Slide wayyy to much tho.

./Primitive-x86_64.AppImage: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Include instructions to install this file

Great Game! Really Creative Idea!

I think This would Work Great in MultiPlayer!

Hey! Just Tried your game! Its pretty fun! Just a bit slow... Id probably increase its speed even more.

Btw I saw your comment on my game. Ive fixed it now. Try it out. 😅

Just a Black screen, No console output

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My Binaries dont run Either... I should have tested them before i uploaded them...

EDIT: Fixed my binaries! yay!

EGGNOGG+ community · Replied to Wakobu in Mods

Open The main Executable binary.

Thank you very much!

Id love to made my own video game someday too but i just cant seem to make anything work!

Also, How long did it take you to compose all the soundtrack. I mean i tried out making some byte beats and i really didnt get anywhere other than simple tones and CD ripping sounds.

Any chance of making Eggnogg+ open source? Maybe after the Eggnogg rumble release?

I'm a BIG fan of your game and i'll be buying eggnogg rumble as soon as it come out!

I really wanted to know how your game works and learn from it!

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Apparently you can edit a lot of the text in game with a HEX editor, but the text you change must me the same length as the original text.

Like change EGGNOGG+ logo to STAB ME (7 Letters each with spaces) but cant change it to say STAB GAME

EDIT: I was able to change the text to a different length too. haha