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Bev the Franken bull

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Recent community posts

1. The people get stuck on the door not allowing me to close it or they run circles in the doorway .

2. The people after a several days come in the door say what they want then immediately leave.

3. When opening a delivery indoors items will glitch through the ceiling and/or fly outside.

4. After detaching a sword from its grip, the grip then cannot be reattached or attached to another sword.

5. When adding a fancy grip, I don't think the price increased.

6. I can walk through the glass above the workbench. (i accidentally threw my sword through it thinking i broke the window, actually that could be cool maybe that could be good to add in and you would have to buy a new window, but it would only appear in the store after you broke a window.)

7. Suggestion: It would be nice if it were easier to get to the hammer varieties without having to go through all the sword varieties.

8. I thoroughly enjoy the game ^_^ and cannot wait to see what is in store for the crystals and what other weapons are to come.