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You can get rid of bushes and mushrooms with the shovel btw. =D

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1. There should be a guide on what all the tools do and on what type of block they can be used on because I still dont know how to use all the tools. For example I don't know what the hammer or chisle does and I don't know the difference uses between a scythe and a sickle in the game. 

2. Im sure hundreds of people have already suggested this but there should be a day and night cycle and seasonal changes. 

Thanks again!

Alright! =D Glad to help

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I found a bug! In the new update the command "until storage empty or full" was added.  You have the option to select what storage you want the command to apply to...the problem is that you cannot select the milk storage as an option. Thank you for your wonderful game. I've enjoyed playing it! =D

Thank you for taking my idea into consideration =D

You should implement a system where you have to either explore to unlock or upgrade to unlock different styles of weapons.

For example in your new update, there is a secret polearm in the forest with an awesome looking blade. At the beggining of the game you can already make that blade without finding it. You should make it so you have to explore and find it in order to be able to make that type of sword.

Its the sign on the door that says shop closed.

There is no inventory, you use your mouse to pick up items. Its sometimes good to read the instructions the game gives you (on the sheets of paper). Also click the open sign on the door to open your shop.

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The new function where you have to press z to toggle the results between a hammer and a sword doesn't make sense to me. I press z and try to move my mouse and/or press many other buttons and i can't seem to toggle the result of the tool.

nevermind, i figured it out

That's part of the new update. The creator changed the house and the surrounding area. Read the list of things he did in the update.

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When I first started the game I really enjoyed it, but then I realized I wasn't making money fast at all. I even lost money some days. I looked at some YouTube videos and I was doing the same thing they were and they were making money. That's when I had another realization. On the log of deals that I made with people when I made them a tool, for every single time I made them a Greatsword they paid me only 6$ with charisma 1 and 7$ with charisma 2. That is way less than it is supposed to be. It should at least be 37 with a copper sword. (profit of 1$: 30$ for copper, 3$ for two handed grip, and 3$ for two handed guard.) After I realized that, I never made a Greatsword again and now I am actually making a profit. Over all there is a bug with the money from the Greatsword. Or this is some sort sick and twisted game mechanic. XD For a suggestion you should make the fancy grips give you more of a overall profit bonus. They do give you more money when you use them but if you calculate out the overall profit, it is the same. Thank you for listening, it is a great game and you will be a millionaire one day.

After playing the game a bit more the one handed sword is now only giving me 7$ also. Maybe it is an error with the hand guard?