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When I first started the game I really enjoyed it, but then I realized I wasn't making money fast at all. I even lost money some days. I looked at some YouTube videos and I was doing the same thing they were and they were making money. That's when I had another realization. On the log of deals that I made with people when I made them a tool, for every single time I made them a Greatsword they paid me only 6$ with charisma 1 and 7$ with charisma 2. That is way less than it is supposed to be. It should at least be 37 with a copper sword. (profit of 1$: 30$ for copper, 3$ for two handed grip, and 3$ for two handed guard.) After I realized that, I never made a Greatsword again and now I am actually making a profit. Over all there is a bug with the money from the Greatsword. Or this is some sort sick and twisted game mechanic. XD For a suggestion you should make the fancy grips give you more of a overall profit bonus. They do give you more money when you use them but if you calculate out the overall profit, it is the same. Thank you for listening, it is a great game and you will be a millionaire one day.

After playing the game a bit more the one handed sword is now only giving me 7$ also. Maybe it is an error with the hand guard?