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I can post in the comments but I can't like post a suggestion card. I am subscribed

New suggestion, crystals used for enchantments. I kind of thought thats where you were going with it but if not that would be really cool and another aspect used to calculate price (or raise reputation in future updates.)

By the way you're gonna have one hell of a mind f*** when you log onto trello next time haha. We are disscussing the number cap in the comments of the 0.0.8 Update card.

Na I'm not like that. I enjoy helping people.

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Ooo, hey guys theres a screenshot sneak peak for the 0.0.8(something) update on the My Little Blacksmith Shop page. scroll through the picture banner at the top of the page, the outside now has a cobble stone path.

Try'na  be sneaky about it Dasius, can't fool me *Inserts Smirking Face*

Consider me the Forum Police and everything will be aight. Haha

Didn't even look for this crystal, very well hidden! I only found it because I could hear it (Hint!)

I'm assuming you meant "Lid" and not "Lit"? 

It's a good idea but the items don't really fly out anymore like they used to before this new shop was made. The items used to all spawn inside of each other so when one of them moved they shot out like a 360 shotgun, good times.

Yeah I know what it is xD but thanks haha.

I did a bit more research for myself and realized something that makes me look stupid, because I didn't understand the pricing system for awhile. 

      So if you go back to that Board With Shop Sales On The Wall you can also click each of those sales and find out more details about them. In doing so, I learned how the prices are actually calculated. So each item sold IS getting a profit no matter what because it starts by Adding Together All Of The Parts' Cost (ingots, grips, guards) then adding the Base 10% Mark Up to that amount for a subtotal and then it goes on to adding the Charisma Bonus, which is +1% profit/mark up for every Charisma skill point that is allocated. And finally, there IS a bonus amount of money you gain based on How Fast You Deliver The Weapon

Heres another screenshot, this one shows the page I'm speaking of and I have underlined each factor for pricing.

I won't give away its location but you have to find it, not craft it

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Did I just find an Easter Egg?

I like how Dasius tried to not name it properly to hide what it is xD like we can't tell

I've already reported you for spam and advertisment. I'd suggest you leave

Ah ok, thanks. I'll try that when I get the chance. Other suggestions still apply though

Yeet, I like that idea. I like the game for a more casual setting, its relaxing to play.

I understand your issue, I have it aswell. You need to sell an insane amount of copper tools to reach tin and it isn't purely based off the price of the ingot because you need to factor in the grips and guards, if used, in a part. And ontop of that the prices aren't as exact as they claim to be. The player card that indicates skill points, activated by pressing "P", shows that the base state of charisma gives you a 10% boost of sale prices for a total of 110% money gained from what you spent on making the part. However, if you look at the board on the left wall, inbetween the doors to your bedroom and the forge, it shows all of the prices customers paid for the parts and they almost NEVER match what the skill card indicates. Its still random, you can even LOSE money sometimes for no reason, the customers simply don't pay the right amount. I've had a customer pay $56 for a copper great sword, which used 3 copper ingots, a fancy 2 handed grip, and a 2 handed guard for a total of about $40 give or take, and I've also had the same sword sell for only $24.

It may be possible that the prices depend on how fast you give the items to the customers but I know for sure this system is properly coded yet. Which, in my opinion, is perfectly fine for now because it is still very early in development but it does slow down the progress tremendously and leaves money gain to chance.

Check that board for sale prices you get and monitor to see if time is directly related to the price of a weapon or not and let me know, I'll be doing the same. All I know is that I think the charisma state increases the MAX profit rather then the ACTUAL profit, for now.

Also, if you continuously hold shift to sprint and make something at the anvil the sprint will be canceled for no reason.

And I think disassembling parts should be added. If you accidently make the wrong tool or if a part combines on accident there isn't a way to salvage the unwanted tool so you have to just throw it away currently.

Also a bug, there is an odd mirror reflection effect going on with the chimney of the forge. When ever you move ingots around the forge you can see their reflection on the stone wall of the chimney, now I'm no rocket scientist but I don't think rock is supposed to reflect things haha.

I just noticed it now though and I've been playing for 4 hours in just the past few days so It doesn't stick out very much if it was to be pushed of to patch later.

Just a sort off issue/bug report, when you go to hit parts or ingots on the anvil sometimes it will make the sound but no sparks will fly and wont count it as a hit. Same thing but reversed, sparks fly but no sound and wont count as a hit. I also think it would be nice to not be able to overide the hitting animation when using the anvil because it takes extra time if you miss or click too early. Or if you could simply click and hold to hit multiple times when using the anvil.

I'm sure there could be an easier way of saying this but I've been awake for 24 hours now and can't think cause of work xD so if you need clarification just let me know.

Also, I'm a bit lost and new to Trello, how can I write a suggestion or bugs I find there? It seems like all I can do is subscribe to each category of cards.

Yeah I understand, it does make the game unique and I do like the idea. The game is still very new aswell so it is expected to be optimized yet, no worries, so far so good!

Just another suggestion, what if the crafting mechanic was handled a bit differently?

With the current method, you have to drag the parts together, which is cool, but the game glitches out sometimes and clips the items through walls and other structures. It is also difficult to combine parts when you can only do so on the crafting table and dragging the parts can be frustrating at times when they just don't go where they’re supposed to when you need to rush to craft.

Is it possible to implement a player specific inventory? Or maybe even a hot bar to hold things temporarily and combine them by selecting hot bar items then pressing a button? It would make the crafting much quicker and more user friendly. This way there wouldn't be any unwanted items clipping through structures or parts flying everywhere when you try to pick them up in a pile or a number of different reasons.


I have many other suggestions if you'd like to hear them.

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Also, forgot about this till I started playing, there is a small chance of objects glitching into the floor, sometimes walls, when I break open a delivery box. Is it possible to make it so that objects have designated spawn positions inside of the box rather then spawn everthing into one point and spew items everywhere?

There is also a glitch with the displays, when I have great swords, great hammers, or pole arms in my displays the customers always enter the shop, make the order, and if it is one of the weapons I listed, they will go outside and up the stair case to the top of the shop as if they are trying to pick up the weapon through the roof. Seems like they can't reach it for some reason.

This is slightly different then the last, some items on the display work perfectly fine, usually the lower items like one handed swords and daggers, but other times they customers don't recognize the items on the wall or on the table top in front of them. The only way to get them to buy those items is to take it away from the customer and then present it to them.

Lastly (this isn't really a glitch but something I think was missed), There isn't a one handed hammer display in the shop. There are two different pole arm variations above the door and one of each weapon on the wall, great sword, great hammer, one handed sword, and dagger.

(Also the dagger display won't hold any items, the rack be on no collide from Gmod.)

Every time I exit the game and go back into it, all of my pre-crafted weapons are disassembled right where they are. The pieces just fall off, as well as the crystals always reset.

I don't know what version of the game I'm in because I checked the sign that is supposed to say the version number but its just blank so that's another thing, I could be checking the wrong place but from my understanding it isn't there.

If there is any information needed from my end just let me know what I can do to help.

oh OK great thanks!

I would really like:

1. A mouse sensitivity option available in the controls section please, right now its very slow.

2. An option to toggle the "auto darkness" when looking at bright things, like the forge, in the graphics section. This effect basically makes my whole screen go pitch black besides the bright object I look at.

3. A way to key bind in the controls section.

Other then that I love the game!

This is a reply made during Alpha_02, if someone is wondering.

1. Alpha_02

2. I have issues crafting weapons, when I do so they clip through the bench and get stuck.

3. N/A

4. Craft an item on the table in various ways, it happens to me about 50% of the time

5. Laptop (MSI Apache Pro GE62 6QF) GTX 970M, i7-6700HQ 2.60 GHz, 24GB RAM, 64-bit OS, Windows 10.

Hope this helps. It breaks the game for me so I can't play, but its really fun!