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Just a sort off issue/bug report, when you go to hit parts or ingots on the anvil sometimes it will make the sound but no sparks will fly and wont count it as a hit. Same thing but reversed, sparks fly but no sound and wont count as a hit. I also think it would be nice to not be able to overide the hitting animation when using the anvil because it takes extra time if you miss or click too early. Or if you could simply click and hold to hit multiple times when using the anvil.

I'm sure there could be an easier way of saying this but I've been awake for 24 hours now and can't think cause of work xD so if you need clarification just let me know.

Also a bug, there is an odd mirror reflection effect going on with the chimney of the forge. When ever you move ingots around the forge you can see their reflection on the stone wall of the chimney, now I'm no rocket scientist but I don't think rock is supposed to reflect things haha.

I just noticed it now though and I've been playing for 4 hours in just the past few days so It doesn't stick out very much if it was to be pushed of to patch later.

Also, if you continuously hold shift to sprint and make something at the anvil the sprint will be canceled for no reason.

And I think disassembling parts should be added. If you accidently make the wrong tool or if a part combines on accident there isn't a way to salvage the unwanted tool so you have to just throw it away currently.

If you take the part to the anvil and hit it they come apart.

Ah ok, thanks. I'll try that when I get the chance. Other suggestions still apply though