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If you take the part to the anvil and hit it they come apart.

OH! Maybe something where once you hit a certain threshold of money they begin requesting certain materials. Like once you have 500 in your chest, regardless of what you spend it on, they start asking for tin sometimes. The more you create tin weapons the more they ask for it and so on. Also I think it would be cool if they asked for specific handles and grips in addition to materials, just to keep us on our toes. 

Maybe something like a reputation rating for the shop based on how accurately, quickly, and how often you completed requests. Or maybe a system where when the day starts, or week, or month, you recieve commisions based on your reputation. Like 300 swords by the end of the month for his majestys royal army! Then you would have to decide to keep the shop open or focus solely on the comission. Of course small comissions could also happen, like a tin greatsword with a  fancy handle by 6 pm.(IDK if there is going to be a clock eventually). 

What if once your rep gets high enough you could begin outfitting the army and sometimes wars could start up and based on how well you outfit them the tide of the war updates daily. Then it wouldn't be a game about crafting to make money(because you'd be funded by the king) but instead a battle of how fast you can make weapons. 

I have no idea where you're going with this game but I'm gonna enjoy it no matter what lol. Once I get some money I'm going to support you, 

Does that mean that there will be some gathering part to the game? Tree chopping, mining, etc?

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Not sure if anyone has said anything yet, but I think there should be some punishment for reheating already heated ingots, leaving them heated overnight, or having stuff left outside. 

I was also thinking of something like being able to create a lock to place on the outer doors. Then give a 10%(or something) chance to be raided at night. If you have a lock then it is destroyed but you don'tlose anything and have to craft a new one. If the raid doesn't occur then you keep the lock until it does. 

IDK what the logs are for outside the house. I just found the game today so I'm trying to figure out what I've missed so far, I love it though and I'm so excited to see what you do. I always thought that if a game like SAO ever happened that I would be the blacksmith so this game is right in my wheelhouse. 

I noticed the giant stone creature outside the back of the house, and i bumped into him lol. My girl laughed at that. How about creating armaments or traps for monsters or bandits. Fighting directly doesn't seem like anything this game is focused around, bt the cration of threat prevention sounds like it would be fun. Like a tower defense thing.