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Also, forgot about this till I started playing, there is a small chance of objects glitching into the floor, sometimes walls, when I break open a delivery box. Is it possible to make it so that objects have designated spawn positions inside of the box rather then spawn everthing into one point and spew items everywhere?

There is also a glitch with the displays, when I have great swords, great hammers, or pole arms in my displays the customers always enter the shop, make the order, and if it is one of the weapons I listed, they will go outside and up the stair case to the top of the shop as if they are trying to pick up the weapon through the roof. Seems like they can't reach it for some reason.

This is slightly different then the last, some items on the display work perfectly fine, usually the lower items like one handed swords and daggers, but other times they customers don't recognize the items on the wall or on the table top in front of them. The only way to get them to buy those items is to take it away from the customer and then present it to them.

Lastly (this isn't really a glitch but something I think was missed), There isn't a one handed hammer display in the shop. There are two different pole arm variations above the door and one of each weapon on the wall, great sword, great hammer, one handed sword, and dagger.

(Also the dagger display won't hold any items, the rack be on no collide from Gmod.)