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Hey! I Just downloaded the game a couple days ago for Windows x64 and I absolutely love it! However, over the course of a 14-in-game-day gameplay, I ran across more than a few issues.

First of all, Saving and Loading games needs a bit of work. The only thing that I observe actually does save is the location of items and your perks. Most other things do not save which I think would be much less of an annoyance if they did:

-Your Location

-The Time of Day

-Your Level

-The Name of your Shop

-The location of the secret Crystals

-The location of the instruction panels

-The amount of money you have

-Whether you've erased the sales list or not, and how many sales since

-The binding of objects (I once came back to some pre-made tools only to find they had dissassembled)

Also another strange bug that I got was that after Day 13, Every single customer that walked in instantly walked out again without giving me any time to complete their order whatsoever. Saving and reloading didn't help. The only sale I actually got after Day 13 occurred was a sale on an odd customer who seemed to have had an error in its walking AI that froze it outside my door, which I managed to push them to the door so they could request an item and have me complete it.

I'd also like an option to turn the Instruction leaflets on or off, as they get annoying once you get the hang of things. An addition of the usage of the water trough soon would be experience-enhancing as well, I find it odd that it's not used yet.

Other than those things, I love the game, and look forward to your updating it.

Scratch what I said, I think that was for version 0.0.60. Maybe.