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Posted in Good work

thanks :) and I will keep working on it ^^

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thank you a lot :)

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you say you were able to look around, but only saw floating hairpieces? that's strange. it should allow for tilting down the camera, but if cubs weren't visible maybe they couldn't follow up?
I definitely have an update for movement and camera controls at around thursday, so I hope it will fix that issue.

and yeah, I don't have a tutorial yet, because it's just a very simple demo :) but for your information controls are: WASD for moving the character, mouselook for controlling character moving direction and left mouseclick for selecting a cub (when they are grown up).
Also Esc for pause (currently it closes the game immediately) .
The game has no other controls and likely won't have any more, since I want to keep things simple and fast to learn.
As example everything interactable in the world should be done so by simply going to it, like bushes to throw down fruits so that cubs can eat them :)

Posted in Player view

this is likely the guardian Critter you can see and you should be able to use the mouse to look around (as well as for general movement).

is the mouseinput not working?

found a Video from VisNomadic :) check it out :D

Posted in Bug Reports

In the latest version of the game 0.0.62 I'm playing on windows 10 64 bit. I have problems with bars not being recognized on the anvil correctly. daggers are always 100% chance with 1 bar, but everything above, like 2 or 3 bars on the anvil, seems to not register properly and I end up making alot of dagger blades although there are more on the anvil (and it didn't matter if they are snapped into place on the anvil or not) I also had it a few times with 3 ingots that it would only make recipes with 2 ingots :/
Another problem I encountered, after quitting the game after going to bed and I load back in in complete darkness inside the Blacksmithing room and the lights are all messed up aswell as the resolution, could workaround by readjusting gamma and resolution scale. (It was as if those 2 options were put to 0) I encountered this bug on both fullscreen and windowed mode.

Also, when i first time clicked on the shopsign to name it, I used an apostrophe in the name and adjusted the color and after that I wasn't able to click the done button nor able to close the window, so I had to restart the game to get rid of it.

it's nice to see that the game is understood so easily :)

this game was really pleasant and I think it has a very nice message :D and sadly I felt like I could relate so much to that wolf :o