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I am playing Version Alpha 0.0.61 of 'My Little Blacksmith Shop'


1- When assembling weapons on the table sometimes the finished weapon can get stuck in the table

2- After saving and exiting to the desktop and closing the game then relaunching the game three things happen

  • First, all assembled weapons are all disassembled (This glitch does help when you get a weapon stuck in a table)
  • Second, all melted materials are converted to be solid (Not melted, I had no idea how to word that)
  • Third, all your coins that you had are deleted and the coin chest is reset to 0

3- Sometimes expensive to make weapons can sell for astronomically low prices

  • I made a One Handed Hammer made fully of Tin costing me 303 coins, the hammer sold for 18 coins
  • I did not make the customer wait a long time but it still resulted in a bad sell cost

4- Sometimes Impatient Customers will say that you were 'Too Slow' even if you give them the requested weapon in under 3 seconds

  • Just a disclaimer: I am not saying they will say you were 'Too Slow' in specifically 3 seconds, I just played and they said it to me when I premade the weapon and it's just a rough estimate
  • This does not apply to all the Impatient Customers #NotAllCustomers

5- Customers will get stuck outside and stay still or get caught on a background NPC

  • I only saw a Customer get stuck on a background NPC once and they did get unstuck and got to the shop successful
  • Going to sleep will despawn the stuck Customer

6- Sometimes Customers will enter the shop but leave immediately

  • When the glitch appears customers after the first will do the same repeating pattern: Go in, leave immediately, new Customer spawns, repeat steps 1-3 until the player decides to make a new game
  • I cannot tell you anything after day 12 if the glitch keeps going because I sadly restarted the game on day 12

7- In the morning and night time it is hard to see due to lack of lighting

8- The 'You Feel Tired' text is sometimes cut off and see through on the bottom left side of the screen

9- The holding mechanic causes objects to sway and fling around while moving with them

10- Parts to a weapon will sometimes not connect

11- The disassemble on the anvil can sometimes cause the blade/hammer head to be completely useless because it does not sell to the Customer even if the requested item is correct

  • This is true with the guard or handle but mostly with the blade/hammer head \


I cannot provide evidence for these bugs/glitches because i could not find a screenshot button if it is there


1- N/A due to random chance

2- Fully assembling a weapon and not sell it, melt copper/tin/iron/ect, get coins in your chest, save the game, exit to desktop, relaunch the game

3- N/A due to random sell chance

4- Premake weapons, Wait for an Impatient Customer, Give it immediately, Random chance

5- N/A due to random AI chance

6- Go to day 12 and open shop

7- Stare at the workshop table in the morning or night (The Workshop Table is the best place to show the lighting)

8- Glance at the bottom left part of the screen at night time

9- Hold on to an object and look around with the object in hand

10- N/A due to... Something?

11- N/A due to something again


Version: 10.0.14393 Build 14393

System Type: x64-based PC