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I am SO HAPPY to hear that. I love this game and I love the idea. Take your time, I can wait.

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DISCLAIMER: I know that the game has been cancelled at the time of writing this and I do not want this post to be taken as a demand for you to work on the game again, it's your decision and I will support that, this is just a list of bugs I've found

Version: Alpha 0.0.82 / Windows (x64) (The list is in no particular order)

  1. Sometimes when you have the horse follow you the lamp on the cart will stay in place and not follow the cart (Fixable when you sit in the cart)
  2. Sometimes the cart will glitch so the wheels always face different direction (Has no effect on speed or functionality of the cart)
  3. Unable to transport stones from mine to shop, when in the boxes the stones seem to despawn (I understand if this is intentional as stones have no use in game)
  4. Uncommon logs seem to turn to common logs when saving the game and then reloading the game
  5. The Cart will glitch out if you have an NPC run into it (You will need to restart) 

This list is to be updated with pictures if I am able to recreate the problem.

-Signed BadPaint

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-Weapon sway is annoying

-A missed opportunity to use the water

-Crystals that do nothing

-Contrast from buy to sell

-The AI can't tell a year from 3 seconds

-No diversity of weapons

P.S.- What time period is the game set in?

- A way to minimize the amount of a weapon so you don't get ripped off

-Make the wood outside a fail safe so if you run out of money you can cut up the wood and make wooden weapons with the wood

  • You can make wooden grips, guards, blades, and hammer heads
  • The wooden weapons would be worth a lot less then copper weapons
  • You can use the trees outside
  • Extend the outside backyard into a saw mill and tree farm and you can buy seeds off the shipment place
  • The more expensive the seed the more the wood it produces
  • Add an axe and you can cycle from axe to hammer

-Inventory slots for specific weapons

  • Hammers get two parallel pegs sticking out of the wall and you prop it up head up handle down
  • Polearms get two hooks that are far apart from one another and you can prop it on the hooks blade facing left or right
  • One handed and Great Sword get the same pegs as the hammer but closer together, the pegs hold the guard with the blade facing down and the grip facing up
  • Daggers get one peg, but at the end of the peg is a hole in the style of a Lego Persons Hand

I am playing Version Alpha 0.0.61 of 'My Little Blacksmith Shop'


1- When assembling weapons on the table sometimes the finished weapon can get stuck in the table

2- After saving and exiting to the desktop and closing the game then relaunching the game three things happen

  • First, all assembled weapons are all disassembled (This glitch does help when you get a weapon stuck in a table)
  • Second, all melted materials are converted to be solid (Not melted, I had no idea how to word that)
  • Third, all your coins that you had are deleted and the coin chest is reset to 0

3- Sometimes expensive to make weapons can sell for astronomically low prices

  • I made a One Handed Hammer made fully of Tin costing me 303 coins, the hammer sold for 18 coins
  • I did not make the customer wait a long time but it still resulted in a bad sell cost

4- Sometimes Impatient Customers will say that you were 'Too Slow' even if you give them the requested weapon in under 3 seconds

  • Just a disclaimer: I am not saying they will say you were 'Too Slow' in specifically 3 seconds, I just played and they said it to me when I premade the weapon and it's just a rough estimate
  • This does not apply to all the Impatient Customers #NotAllCustomers

5- Customers will get stuck outside and stay still or get caught on a background NPC

  • I only saw a Customer get stuck on a background NPC once and they did get unstuck and got to the shop successful
  • Going to sleep will despawn the stuck Customer

6- Sometimes Customers will enter the shop but leave immediately

  • When the glitch appears customers after the first will do the same repeating pattern: Go in, leave immediately, new Customer spawns, repeat steps 1-3 until the player decides to make a new game
  • I cannot tell you anything after day 12 if the glitch keeps going because I sadly restarted the game on day 12

7- In the morning and night time it is hard to see due to lack of lighting

8- The 'You Feel Tired' text is sometimes cut off and see through on the bottom left side of the screen

9- The holding mechanic causes objects to sway and fling around while moving with them

10- Parts to a weapon will sometimes not connect

11- The disassemble on the anvil can sometimes cause the blade/hammer head to be completely useless because it does not sell to the Customer even if the requested item is correct

  • This is true with the guard or handle but mostly with the blade/hammer head \


I cannot provide evidence for these bugs/glitches because i could not find a screenshot button if it is there


1- N/A due to random chance

2- Fully assembling a weapon and not sell it, melt copper/tin/iron/ect, get coins in your chest, save the game, exit to desktop, relaunch the game

3- N/A due to random sell chance

4- Premake weapons, Wait for an Impatient Customer, Give it immediately, Random chance

5- N/A due to random AI chance

6- Go to day 12 and open shop

7- Stare at the workshop table in the morning or night (The Workshop Table is the best place to show the lighting)

8- Glance at the bottom left part of the screen at night time

9- Hold on to an object and look around with the object in hand

10- N/A due to... Something?

11- N/A due to something again


Version: 10.0.14393 Build 14393

System Type: x64-based PC

This happened to me but not on day 12, to me it happened randomly