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bug: I created a dagger and was going to sell it to a client, but the day finished before he picked the dagger, then I saved the game while I was with the dagger in my hands, when I continued the dagger start to float in the same place

Translation: please help me: my game crashes and gives an UE4-ShopSim error when I try to start it, can you help me fixing it?

Email :

Thank you!

(no specs given)

extract the zip folder(right click the zip folder and click "extract here") when it finishes extracting enter on the new folder and execute "ShopSim"

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version: 0.0.61(64 version)

The final price of the GreatSword is much lower than the price to create it, all GreatSwords that I selled cost only $7 to $13, but to make one I need to use more than $33 (all other weapons look ok)

edit: one hand sword sometimes have this problem too(not always, when it happens it apears as One hand sword instead of Bronze One hand sword)