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Hey guys, go to your graphic settings. Turn up the gamma or press the reset button.

Let me know if that didnt help


reseting does the job, but turning gamma up did not really help. it helps me seeing things but some certain objects like walls etc. still look dark and moody.

K thanx vb,

i'll look into adding a brightness slider. Hopefully that will help.

But i cant click in gamma im in fullscreen and the mouse is deregulate to the screen what can i do?

try minimizing by searching what do you press on your keyboard to minimize the screen

Ah i been Playing My Little Blacksmith and Im Day 10 And One Time some one order a Polearm I cannot Hit The one Ingot But When I try two ingot it work So help me so i can progess more

Hey KayleMatthew,

Did you make sure that you had an option selected in the radial selection wheel?