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I just sold my iron one hand sword to a customer and it did not count the price for the blade which cost my$2000... That was a massive turn down honestly, glitched all my income out for one second.


reseting does the job, but turning gamma up did not really help. it helps me seeing things but some certain objects like walls etc. still look dark and moody.

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The top.1 issue I think, obviously as everyone may have experienced, is that the customers randomly glitch out after a successful trade, spinning/standing around outside the blacksmith shop, preventing the next customer from spawning. The only solution as I can see is to either end the current day, or to wait for them(for a long time) to stop glitching. Knocking them off their glitching positon does not seem to help.

I don't know if it's just me or now it's more difficult to deliver completed weapons to the customers. It used to be easy, putting the weapon down and Diiing, "this will do!", but now you have to hold the grip point to match some certain position in front of a customer for him/her to receive it.

And on more thing, the weapons forged become heated when I load a save.

So far as I can tell, the serious glitches from the previous verision has been fixed and the game is much more enjoyable now. Good work Dasius!

Enjoying the game a lot, hope your game grows more popular and better in the days to come!

requesting alternative download/mirror for the game client. I'm from China and connection goes really crappy all the time and it's almost impossible to get the download finnished before it loses availability for hack-link protection, if you know what I mean..

His plan is to not telling you.