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ic you have a problem where your screen is fullscreen and you can't minimze because you can't click aplly try finding what keys you need to press to minimize a screen o found them a while back but can't seem to remmember

try minimizing your screen by finding what keys you need to press in google

try minimizing by searching what do you press on your keyboard to minimize the screen

I DONT know what it is but my game starts i full screen but its still in windowed and i cant change the graphics nor the res nor can i resset or accept

i,m runing the latest version as of right now and when you see this its still propably will be the newest becase i have the same prob scince 32bit so yea pls help ,thx dasius

my game is stuck to fulscreen but at the same time only allowes me to go as far as the windowed my screen shows fullscreen but im stuck at setings and cant press apply or resset pls help

when i go to fullscreen i get stuck there for ever and no options allow me to click accept so i can go back in windowed pls help im stuck at low graphics fulscreen plsps,ppslo[ssl


i cant do that when i pres down load it brings me to newest version

if it is showing you the unreal engine crash report just go to the previus update dasius is working on fixing it

32 bit ????

hello im playing on the newest version 0.0.61 and when ever i try lanching this game it just gives me a crash report from real engine pls help

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i try to launch the game and unreal engine keeps poping up and saying to give a crash report at first i downloaded with out the app and did that but now i did it through the itch io app and still no work why thx in advance

....i feel like im writing an essay

i cant open the game i dont know why i put it in the suggested location and i downloaded it again but it keeps saying unreal engine crashed

pls help if anyone has the same problem how do you fix

you should put some armor in the game and those shields can you even make them ? also you should add a food bar and or a food need / water need if too hard just put a well on the back of the house / blacksmith shop and make items sell depending on the time made