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cant get game to launch Dasius pls help

A topic by Max_the_soul_stealer created Feb 12, 2017 Views: 306 Replies: 6
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i try to launch the game and unreal engine keeps poping up and saying to give a crash report at first i downloaded with out the app and did that but now i did it through the itch io app and still no work why thx in advance

....i feel like im writing an essay

Same here. So frickin' annoying.


Hey guys, i'm looking into fixing the issue. For now try the 32 bit version.

32 bit ????

Yeah, there are two versions on the download page. Click the one on the bottom, which ends in win_32.


i cant do that when i pres down load it brings me to newest version

I downloaded the 64 bit version and i don't have any problems to run the game. could it be helpful to find the problem Dasius?