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White Racoon

A member registered Feb 11, 2017

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Hey Dasius i made a icon for the game in case you were needing one:

Here's the .ico file in case you would like to use it in the game :P

Where's the video tho? looking forward to seeing it!

Maybe create a use for the crystals?

Hey where is the fire one? i havent found it '-'

Anyone found a purpose for the crystals other than just provide light? i'm really fascinated by them!

I'm having a problem with the version 0.0.61 on my laptop where i install all the prerequisites and i still get error 0xc000007b

Sorry i'm new to this game community what i meant was 0.0.61

(1 edit)

Version: Alpha 02

I'm on day 5 and i aparently have a friend now.... i named him joe

No idea how that happened.... it just did....

edit: joe left me in day 7 without a single word ;-;