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Found all the crystals and also found a giant rock dude.

A topic by ZombieEmmett created Feb 10, 2017 Views: 1,990 Replies: 22
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A picture of the two can be found here.

I'm not sure what to do with them, I've tried a few things.

I've tried putting each crystal in the four open crates at the back, I've tired giving the rock dude the crystals, I've tried putting them all in the fire and water. I can't seem to find anything. Anyone else got anything?

EDIT: I didn't find him there! He was behind a tree to the left of the house. I found that running into his legs sometimes caused him to jump up so I pushed him to the middle to see if it did anything. It didn't.

i tried making a sword... it didnt work

I was wondering the same thing ZombieEmmett but I haven't found anyway I could use them, How many crystals do you have?

I have four crystals.


I have found 4 crystals, 1 in the water, 1 in the fire, 1 near a tree, and 1 behind the rock dude, I'va gathered them all up, but I haven't figured anything out yet

Hey where is the fire one? i havent found it '-'


Behind the shop where you order things check to the right of the door when you exit through it, there should be a torch and the crystal is in the torch flame.


oops caps :)

wat do we do

just put it in your face

where in the fire and what fire0

think its a mystical bizz. try to place them on the mirror

Can you guys post where the fire crystal is?

it's at the back of the house behind the doo

how to place them in your face?

I think he means to put them on the wall and then smash your head onto where they are.

have you tried it i just did it didn't work am i supposed to do it in a certian spot??

Nevermind, I tried that and it didn't do anything other than phase it through the wall I was pressing on.

yea same and i just got the day 13 bug yeeea I'm so happy .

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I'm starting to think maybe it's part of something that hasn't been completed yet. Hopefully in future updates we'll see more to this crystal mystery. :P

EDIT: Just saw in another post that it's been confirmed by developer that the crystals have no purpose yet but will in the future. :D

i have found a crystal in that small house but when i picked it up my screen gets blurry and a creaming like sound wat happens if you take it away ( it scared the sh#t out of me )

thats what i meant by put your face in them