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hey man! happy to be back to tell you proudly that your game is 10x better and playable!

thank you for that, just one more thing that will be great, when making a great sword aka 30 $ +2$ Grip and Guard

its around 35 38$. now, when i sell a greatsword, it costs 6 dollars, so im more loosing money then earning, which is a shame. if you could fix that the delivery is 35$\38$ worth of items and the greatsword itself costs to buy around double the cost? or whatever you like but make sence, i have no money because it all went for a damn greatsword and i get 6 Dollars in return. thanks man for all the effort and keep going im a fan of your game.

well i think its because of the time. I get every time 50 for a greatsword