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the newest version has some bugs with the customer. Your bugs are known and we work on a fix for it.

How to do a shield.

- grab a wooden log and place it on the wood workbench outside and choose the shield type you want. Press start cutting.

- Take the wooden part to the workbench inside.

- place 2 heated ingots of the same type on the anvil and sellect shields in the radial menu.

- Hammer the ingots until you get the rim part. If you hit the heated rim again you can go through all of them.

- Cool down the rim you need in the oil bath.

- Go to the workbench where your wooden part is and drop the rim on it. The parts should attach automaticly.

- go back to the anvil to make the boss and the 2 handles.

- Place 1 heated ingot on the anvil. Make sure its the same material as the rim.

- Select shields and start forging. After a few hits you should get the boss then the wrist enarmes and then the hand enames.

- Place all 3 parts on the shield and you should get the notification that you crafted a ..... shield

yes you can equip the GH but the stats will be still the same

Saving and loading the game will also help.

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Hey HazeDeluxeYT

Du musst 2 Heiße Ingots des selben typs auf den Amboss legen und Blunt Heads auswählen. Nach ein paar schlägen sollte der Hammerkopf erscheinen.  Den Heißen Kopf an abkühlen und damit zur Werkbank. Dazu dann noch einen kurzen Griff für den Hammer.

great explanation thanks for that this will help a the new players a lot

yeah thats right but you can add also games to steam which are not in the shop

delete the old files

Have you maybe downloaded the wrong version? 32 /64

Thanks BMonkey229,

it's allready in the bug list. We are working on it. The next patch should fix this issiue.

jup he played it see here

but anyway you should make a video about it.

i haven't tried it but as i know you can also use a xbox controller via steam so this should work in a certain way.

look here

go for it. But i think it allready got big advertising by jacksepticeye

if you run it via steam you can do screenshots

This is allready planed see the trello page for all the details there's an roadmap whats planed.

Actually they're not. It's because if they are cheaper, the game would be ended in a hour. We will recalculate the price system when we implemented other stuff which the player needs to buy.

You should make a clean install. Delete all of your files and install it again. Maybe it works

3 ingots + 2handed grip

Have you tried to play on only one screen?

yeah its like level1critter says. You just download the game from the site. Then you need an extraction tool like winrar. With this tool you can easily extract the file on the folder you want. Then just search in the folder for the shopsim.exe it has an unreal logo. Double cick on that and your starting the game

Also remember to add the version number and the specs of your pc

Drop it once and pick it up again then hand it over to the customer he should get it then

You can tilt the weapon when it stucks in the table.

More guards and grips are allready planed some are already made but not in the game.
You can see it when you go to the protection crystal in 0.0.72.

Maybe there is a better way to report the bugs. Sometimes i figgure out a new bug and read the same later here in the forum. Maybe it would be easier to make for every version a separate bug thread. Sometime people posting bugs from pervious versions and the bug has allready been fixed in the newer one.


64 bit

4790k / 16 gig ram / EVGA 1080 FTW / Win 10

I found that when you prepare some weapons and put them on the bar to give them faster to the customer, that most of the time he will not accept it directly. Sometimes you have to hold it right in his face sometimes you need to drop it somewhere and hand it over again.

Well i agree with you BUT, we don't have to pay tax, rent, food, drinks........ so the only costs we have is ingots, grips, guards. We also dont need to buy water or coal. So why should we increase the earnings of the weapons. The only thing it'll happen is that we faster get to the highest ingot aaaaand stuck there. This is the only progress we can make right now. So i would focus more on content than prices right now.

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Vers. 0.0.72

Found some new one for me. Some of them may have been already posted.

1. Sometimes my mouse cursor disappears in the menu screen. But it will come back when i press the left button.

2. Every time i load my savegame the crystals are back to their normal spot where you can find them. I know they have no use right now but maybe it's somehow important.

3. If you craft a weapon together and put i back in the oven you can create a fire weapon. You can also sell them.

4. Sold a Heated copper greatsword customer went out and started spinning. I've pushed him once and then he stopped spinning but just looked at me he doesn't move at all.

5. You can still tilt the customer in your shop to the side but then he will not leave the shop.

Hey Dasius,

I Have some ideas for the future

1. Waggons: Their like big customers from the king or like a lord with a private army or just a weapon seller. They come over to your shop from time to time and ask you for a special delivery. Like 10 great hammer 10 one handed swords and 10 pole arms. You can decline it if youre to bussy or running out of money. If you accept the wagon will stand in your yard until the customer comes back. If you throw a weapon in there it will snap in place so it will not glitch somwhere. On the waggon is a list which says 8/10 one handed swords 1/10 polearms....

2. Streets: Im sure its already in your to do list but i just want to mention it.

3. The Tavern: You can go in there in the evening to find some really nice jobs while youre drinking with some other dudes. Like i need a Titanium Great sword with a fire rune it should look like that ..... and then a window pops up and shows you for a short time a picture of the weapon. You have to remember it but it will be also on your to do list on the wall.

4. To do List / Job list: Let's say you have some long term jobs, like the big job for the king and 2 from the tavern. There should be a list (like the last sold weapon list) on the wall somwhere.

5. Trainee: In the midd / Endgame it would be nicer to find a trainee which will do the junk work for you like a customer will come in and want a bronze dagger or you send him with your own waggon to the forrest to chop some wood for you or go to the mine to get iron. It will take some time depending on the material you want. You also need to train him to be a Blacksmith. You have to show him 10 - 30 times ( depends on the difficulty lvl ) how to do a dagger or some other weapons.

6.difficulty lvl: If you choose easy you will get more money from the customers on hard less. The Time from a customer will be shorter or longer the jobs from the king bigger or smaler, the times you have to show your trainee how to do a weapon higher or lower.

Its better to post this in the bug section instead of making a separate post

What i mean is hold the right mouse button on the anvil and the wheel pops up so you can choose the type you want to create

Hey Dasius,

First of all i really like your game, It's amazing how much work you put in it.

I've updated the game today to the version 0.0.71 and i saw the new wheel where you can choose the type of things you want to craft on the anvil. Everytime you need to press z to choose the type. Maybe it would be easier when you just hold the right mouse button before you can start the process on the anvil, or just have an indicator on it. I'm suggesting it because i've made many times the wrong part and over time it's a little bit frustrating.

yeah i have also the problem with 3 ingots on the same place.

Vers 0.0.71 64bit

4790K / 16gig ram / 1080FTW / Win10

I found 2 things

1st I've prepeared a big sword and want to pull it over to the bar. I had also some polearms on the top shelf stored. The Blade from the sword stuck to the polearm just by pulling it over.

2nd You can run through the walls of the small house.

well i think its because of the time. I get every time 50 for a greatsword

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I have now found 4 bugs. I'm not sure if anyone posted them so i will write them anyway.

1st You need to have some swords or other weapons finished. Put them in the shelf under the bar. Save the game and close it. Restart the game and load the savegame. Try to give a finished weapon to a customer. The weapon will fall appart.

2ndSometimes a customer enters the shop and leave it immediately. If youre fast enough to read the order you can grab it fast and hand it over the bar. The customer then will come back and buy it.

3rd You can steal the weapons from a customer. Sell a Greatsword to the customer - Follow him outside - select a part from the sword (green highlighted) - Klick and hold right mouse on the highlighted part - then tilt the npc to the right (press and hold alt+ctrl) until he dissapear in the arc (you need to holt alt until the end). The sword will then fly back to you. This is how you make 5k until the 8th day. This works with all weapons. But its easier with the one which stay in the back or the belt.

4th If you save and load the game your money will be set to 0

Version 0.0.61 64 bit


Windows 10 64 bit

Intel 4790K


16 Gig RAM