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I have now found 4 bugs. I'm not sure if anyone posted them so i will write them anyway.

1st You need to have some swords or other weapons finished. Put them in the shelf under the bar. Save the game and close it. Restart the game and load the savegame. Try to give a finished weapon to a customer. The weapon will fall appart.

2ndSometimes a customer enters the shop and leave it immediately. If youre fast enough to read the order you can grab it fast and hand it over the bar. The customer then will come back and buy it.

3rd You can steal the weapons from a customer. Sell a Greatsword to the customer - Follow him outside - select a part from the sword (green highlighted) - Klick and hold right mouse on the highlighted part - then tilt the npc to the right (press and hold alt+ctrl) until he dissapear in the arc (you need to holt alt until the end). The sword will then fly back to you. This is how you make 5k until the 8th day. This works with all weapons. But its easier with the one which stay in the back or the belt.

4th If you save and load the game your money will be set to 0

Version 0.0.61 64 bit


Windows 10 64 bit

Intel 4790K


16 Gig RAM