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Hey Dasius,

I Have some ideas for the future

1. Waggons: Their like big customers from the king or like a lord with a private army or just a weapon seller. They come over to your shop from time to time and ask you for a special delivery. Like 10 great hammer 10 one handed swords and 10 pole arms. You can decline it if youre to bussy or running out of money. If you accept the wagon will stand in your yard until the customer comes back. If you throw a weapon in there it will snap in place so it will not glitch somwhere. On the waggon is a list which says 8/10 one handed swords 1/10 polearms....

2. Streets: Im sure its already in your to do list but i just want to mention it.

3. The Tavern: You can go in there in the evening to find some really nice jobs while youre drinking with some other dudes. Like i need a Titanium Great sword with a fire rune it should look like that ..... and then a window pops up and shows you for a short time a picture of the weapon. You have to remember it but it will be also on your to do list on the wall.

4. To do List / Job list: Let's say you have some long term jobs, like the big job for the king and 2 from the tavern. There should be a list (like the last sold weapon list) on the wall somwhere.

5. Trainee: In the midd / Endgame it would be nicer to find a trainee which will do the junk work for you like a customer will come in and want a bronze dagger or you send him with your own waggon to the forrest to chop some wood for you or go to the mine to get iron. It will take some time depending on the material you want. You also need to train him to be a Blacksmith. You have to show him 10 - 30 times ( depends on the difficulty lvl ) how to do a dagger or some other weapons.

6.difficulty lvl: If you choose easy you will get more money from the customers on hard less. The Time from a customer will be shorter or longer the jobs from the king bigger or smaler, the times you have to show your trainee how to do a weapon higher or lower.


also maybe you could hire adventurers to go fetch some very rare not craftable materials for you

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Or, you can hire an adventurer to go with you, I think it'll make the game a lot more fun