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yeah i noticed that also works

they're not in shop mode yet because they are not stable enough and are not 100% finished.

well, someone has to make the magic staffs, right?

and did you install the 64 bit version or the 32 bit ?

eu descobri em um canal norte americano

is your computer a 64 bit system 0r a 32 bit?

nuggetonio, try to make a copper short blade now. It should turn into mythril

i know

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yes, the customers bought it, and it also had a guard. it sold for the same price as the hammer one. not sure if it's a glitch, since there is a polearm like that next to the light crystal. take a look

so we all know polearms can be made with a short blade or one hand hammer head, right? well, i found another polearm variant, crafted with a regular blade (2 ingots)! Just saying.

also maybe you could hire adventurers to go fetch some very rare not craftable materials for you

but, the way that the npcs walk around and enter portals, it seems we're inside an mmo game so i don't see the problem with monsters

i couldn't find the fire crystal. where is it?

but it's a blacksmith simulator not a warrior simulator

i agree

eyyyyyy i'm brazilian too!

so when i connect the weapon pieces, sometimes it will clip through the table, which is pretty annoying. Could you please fix this somehow?

you're welcome =P

you have to press shop closed with the left mouse button

i dont know but i think it does nothing yet

i'd suggest you implemment weapons such as maces, war axes, bows, maybe later even magic staffs