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third, secret type of polearm!

A topic by starlordster created Feb 27, 2017 Views: 690 Replies: 10
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so we all know polearms can be made with a short blade or one hand hammer head, right? well, i found another polearm variant, crafted with a regular blade (2 ingots)! Just saying.

Interesting glitch. Will the customers purchase it from you? If so, what did it sell for?

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yes, the customers bought it, and it also had a guard. it sold for the same price as the hammer one. not sure if it's a glitch, since there is a polearm like that next to the light crystal. take a look

Not a glitch, you can create any combination of blades, guards, and grips. Customers will only buy things that are exactly or close to what they wanted.

i know

Okay :)

there is also a greatsword blade variant for the polearm with of course the great blade , pole arme grip and a 2 handed guard.

Deleted post

I don't know

I put a greatsword blade on a polearm.

yeah i noticed that also works

But is it still a polearm at that point? It's basically just a hunk of metal on stick.