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Hey Dasius,

First of all i really like your game, It's amazing how much work you put in it.

I've updated the game today to the version 0.0.71 and i saw the new wheel where you can choose the type of things you want to craft on the anvil. Everytime you need to press z to choose the type. Maybe it would be easier when you just hold the right mouse button before you can start the process on the anvil, or just have an indicator on it. I'm suggesting it because i've made many times the wrong part and over time it's a little bit frustrating.

What i mean is hold the right mouse button on the anvil and the wheel pops up so you can choose the type you want to create

The output selection still could use some tweaking, I agree. The Z-Menu is a huge improvement over the previous version where you had to cycle through all the swords to get a hammer, though. I'm sure he'll keep working on this until it's fluid and intuitive.