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Hi Mr Developer,

I am finding I am unable to change settings for this game without it glitching out heavily.
It defaults to Windowed but when I change anything graphically it attempts to go full screen even though I have not selected that.

This prevents me from downgrading the graphics a little to run on my small Win 10 Tablet.

Version is (latest 64bit build)

To reproduce, close game and re-open (it defaults the settings I can see) and go into the Graphics, try and adjust settings and hit apply.

Tablet I'm using is a Teclast X80 Power, which is a Win10 64bit OS using an Intel x5-Z8300 CPU (1.44ghz quad boosts to 1.88) that has integrated graphics and 2gb RAM.

On a side-note, I cannot locate the config file that stores/saves the configuration, however the shopsim.log file appears to show setting changes. If I could adjust the config file (if you have it configured as such) then I may be able to bypass this issue.

Any response would be great :)

P.S. Not to dishearten you or anything, this game is glorious and a great idea, I just want to be able to play it everywhere :P

Thank you Nicholsonr,

I'm gonna look into that and try to get it out, ready, in the next update.

I see you have a lot of comments etc here so I'll keep this short.
I see a fair bit of potential for this game and idea.
Please consider, when you feel more comfortable of course, in putting it up for Steam Greenlight.
I personally would vote for it and definitely buy it.

Just a question, if I was to donate towards this game, would that theoretically (if the game/project continued) give me access to a copy of the official release down the track on whichever platform you choose to use?