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The settings are stored in C:\Users\(yourusernamehere)\AppData\Local\ShopSim
However I couldn't make heads nor tails of it.

Here is the link you can use to report the game -

Regardless though, this needs to be removed from the App Store.

It has 1 million downloads and the comments suggest the game allows you to "pay" to remove ads.

This is completely immoral and illegal, please DEVS look at this and take action.

I'm currently reporting the app to Google Play

I see you have a lot of comments etc here so I'll keep this short.
I see a fair bit of potential for this game and idea.
Please consider, when you feel more comfortable of course, in putting it up for Steam Greenlight.
I personally would vote for it and definitely buy it.

Just a question, if I was to donate towards this game, would that theoretically (if the game/project continued) give me access to a copy of the official release down the track on whichever platform you choose to use?

Maybe perhaps bootcamp it... or Buy a Windows machine?

This may already have been asked but.

Item snap to spots.

E.g. I buy 10 ingots, I want to put them on the shelf nice and neatly and snap to a grid for example. :)

I did the same for 1-2 game nights, but because I had limited funds couldn't do it too often, but oh man it was glorious.

You want a polearm? *Reaches under counter*

Buyer: "Wow that was quick". Damn straight xD

The tablet I have appears to run it Windowed at default settings approx at 10-20fps @ 1920x1200.

The tablet I have is a Teclast X80 Power which is integrated graphics using a x5-Z8300 Chip (1.44ghz quad, up to 1.88 turbo) with 2gb RAM Windows 10 64bit OS.. I was unable to push the settings lower due to a glitch with the game (or maybe my tablet?)

Maybe this will do for a comparison?

Workaround I've found is buy as much materials as you can before quitting, e.g. ingots etc.

Hi Mr Developer,

I am finding I am unable to change settings for this game without it glitching out heavily.
It defaults to Windowed but when I change anything graphically it attempts to go full screen even though I have not selected that.

This prevents me from downgrading the graphics a little to run on my small Win 10 Tablet.

Version is (latest 64bit build)

To reproduce, close game and re-open (it defaults the settings I can see) and go into the Graphics, try and adjust settings and hit apply.

Tablet I'm using is a Teclast X80 Power, which is a Win10 64bit OS using an Intel x5-Z8300 CPU (1.44ghz quad boosts to 1.88) that has integrated graphics and 2gb RAM.

On a side-note, I cannot locate the config file that stores/saves the configuration, however the shopsim.log file appears to show setting changes. If I could adjust the config file (if you have it configured as such) then I may be able to bypass this issue.

Any response would be great :)

P.S. Not to dishearten you or anything, this game is glorious and a great idea, I just want to be able to play it everywhere :P