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Yeah, normal hammer heads is basically a waste of time now as its much faster producing great hammers.

Btw when checking the prices up, I saw that all weapons I had premade last time I played was disassembled and so I had to reassemble them.

You are looking into the case that ingots get trapped underground if you order a too large crate? And that lighting changes the time of day when in reality the time didn't change? (At one point its dawn and on another point its night time then day time).

About notifications: They seem to spam the messages a lot when you either craft them or bump two of the same on each other.

And lastly, I love the new crate for the polearms but what I've noticed is that when you unbox one with a lot of polearms, they still glitch and bounce around. Would be really cool if they spawned in a sort of stacked laying position like you would put logs in on the floor.