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Whens the next update? Im wondering since there hasn't been one in months. Has something happened? Hiatus or block? Or is it a huge update?

Its actually not useful to sell the customers dagger polearms. Make great hammers and put them on the polearms, gives you about 35-45 each time.

The pricing is pretty good however I feel like the price multiplier is a little off. Like when I played the new update, I wondered if when you got to the next tier that the multipler (former 0.1% copper) would Increase when you got to another metal (like 0.5% or 1%+). So that it would be more awarding for the player when you do get enough for the next tier. Right now, it seems like the metals in the game all has 0.1% which means you don't really earn anything more than the previous tier, of course the overall income is better but not the profit as its just increased because of the price of the metal.

So it would of been pretty neat if the multiplier did increase higher and higher based on the rarity of the item.

Also the fancy handles doesn't have a different multipler than a normal handle meaning it doesn't matter if you use a normal or a fancy which means the fancy is basically useless other than decoration. I don't think its supposed to be that way but you be the judge of that.


Oh and I like the feature where you can inspect the item sold for multiplier/price. HOWEVER, I've found a bug which is pretty annoying, all you gotta do is sell items and if you inspect the item's sold, the game will sometimes think that for example if you sell a great sword. the inspect will say that the item you sold wasn't a great sword but a short sword or regular sword. ITS even said great hammer/regular hammer when sold a sword.

And so because of this, I've sold daggers worth 60 and other times 30 but I've never ever sold an item which has gone down in loss which is good but at the same time its surely not intended. Any item can get this bug when sold, you might get a really low price, other times a really high price.


Oh and a out of this topic glitch I've found is that if you put any kind of sword (Short/Regular/Great) and put it close to a pole arm (DOESN'T HAVE TO BE ON THE WORKBENCH) The sword piece or dagger piece will teleport onto the polearm even though the polearm shouldn't be able to hold a regular or great sword, it still happens, and this happens on the workbench AND off the workbench somehow.

Im running 0.0.71 64bit.

1. Do you guys remember the bug where one handed swords would be displayed as "One handed sword" instead of "Copper one handed sword"? Well now the One handed hammer got it aswell, also I don't gain anything from one handed hammers even when they do display "Copper one handed hammer".

When they display "One handed hammer" I gain 11$ which is a loss of about 14$.

If it displays "Copper one handed hammer" I gain 25$ which is basically no loss, no profit.

2. There seems to be an issue between a weapon and the Casher desk where you sell your weapons. I just tried to sell a polearm and the customer didn't want to grab it. It took 20-30 seconds before he decided to take it. This also happened for some one handed swords aswell. Wasn't a fun experience and as so I lost any want of playing at that time.

from one blacksmith to another, I thank you. This confused me so much but now I know how to use it, thx.

That doesn't work for me. the Z menu doesn't do anything. So what I did is put the hammer head on the anvil, click Z, press on the sword button and then try to hammer the head, what happens well it just changes the variety, im not getting a sword out of it.

How do you use the radial selection screen? when someone wants a one handed sword, and I use 2 ingots, I create a hammer head, if I try to use the radial screen, nothing happens, it opens up and I can choose hammers or swords but if I click on sword, nothing happens, and if I hammer the head after clicking sword, nothing happens other than changing the hammer variety. I'm completely confused on how this works.

How do you change hammer heads to sword heads? The Z menu doesn't seem to do anything, I try to click on sword but nothing happens even if I hammer afterwards, it just changes the variety of the hammer. I cant make one handed swords! I need help

I like the prices personally but what I have heard of is that you don't really earn more if you get to the maximum material or even if you go up from copper to tin. sure you earn more because you have to pay more but you don't earn any more than if you used copper.

Also im hoping there's plans for making the swords more...lets say appealing. getting to the next material is basically only changing their standard color. Would be cool if the color was more shiny than a simple fill color.

This has been a feature for a very long time, Are you using the newest version (0.063)? Me personally want the ingots Back to when they where falling off as of right now its really bugged and not as fun as it was.

When I look at the great sword, I don't see a great sword, I see a anime sword, Cant get enough of those super insanely thick and long anime swords.

What about adding a clock, could be an actual clock on the wall to add immersion or a simple timer clock at the bottom/top right/left so that you know how much time theres left so you don't get confused wheter or not the day is over.

Just giving my opinions on these suggestions:

1. Shields, I agree but armor I do not. It would take to much space for all the new items and would be more of a hassle than fun. Also because of the many types of armor aswell + the blacksmith is focused around weapons, not armor. Shields though has been a teaser in the shop for a long time now so I'm pretty sure it's gonna be added.

2. There is a water bath in the store though not working of course. Having to temper the blade would be such a amazing addon to the experience. However, it's sad though that you don't actually use water to temper the blade but oil. I know right? I thought so too but then I watched series like Man at arms/Man at arms: Reforged. And it's true, its oil. So for this to be added, he would of changed the color from blue to like grey or black. Maybe making it so that if you temper the blade, they pay you more?

3. This game isn't about mining or farming. It's about a man/woman crafting weapons to be the best blacksmith there ever was. Idk why people keep believing that this game would be an adventure game where you fight monsters, mine and farm. It's not minecraft lol. And also real blacksmiths or old time blacksmiths never mined for ore or chopped wood unless it was for winter or warmth.

Maybe you can buy order statues instead of creating them. And instead of increasing the price of the items, you instead increase the speed in which customers arrive (which would be your reputation) and/or more famous customers with a more pricy order?

3.5 Can't you create those already? Like its not a official katana but if you create a two handed sword, I believe theres a variety which is thin and looks like a katana though with the non polished look like all of the other weapons, I might be wrong though. HOWEVER this game isn't set In the era where it's about Ninja's or Samurai's but instead it's set where demon's crawled surrounded by magic and where people believed dragons roamed. Or so it seems.

4. Fancy guards would of fit perfectly, for the other though, not so much. If you didn't know, people used to call them daggers, not knife's. A dagger is something you CUT with while a sword is something you SLICE with, so there doesn't need to be a Knife.

5. He could add so that if you level up to a certain point, you gain a new rank from that you started with all the way to master.

Amateur - Journeyman - Master

And for every rankup you gain a new perk like as a amateur you would only be able to make normal swords while as a journeyman you unlock shields and then as a master, then you can gain the knowledge to create engravings when asked for them, would of made more sense as it's sort of a master thing to do make engravings, usually fresh of the back blacksmiths wouldn't be able to do that.

6. What about instead of that, they can order multiple swords/hammers for a certain time and then you can deliver it. That's probably what you meant.

7. This is a little unnecessary as right now, if you upgrade from copper to tin and so forth, you don't really store anything, you just put them on the furnace and craft whatever and then give them to the customers, there isn't really a need for organizing anything OTHER than parts because the fastest way to do orders is having weapons on standby same thing with crafting items.

8. You don't create bows as a blacksmith, Maybe arrows instead?

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Yeah, normal hammer heads is basically a waste of time now as its much faster producing great hammers.

Btw when checking the prices up, I saw that all weapons I had premade last time I played was disassembled and so I had to reassemble them.

You are looking into the case that ingots get trapped underground if you order a too large crate? And that lighting changes the time of day when in reality the time didn't change? (At one point its dawn and on another point its night time then day time).

About notifications: They seem to spam the messages a lot when you either craft them or bump two of the same on each other.

And lastly, I love the new crate for the polearms but what I've noticed is that when you unbox one with a lot of polearms, they still glitch and bounce around. Would be really cool if they spawned in a sort of stacked laying position like you would put logs in on the floor.

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Other than this forum is about bug reports, my reply doesn't have anything to do with his reply. I did it purely because it would be easier to get a reply if you reply to the creator yourself.

About the issue, I was a bit wrong. You are right, two handle guards are 3$ not 5. I've just checked about it.

With no charisma or any other abilities upgraded:

The profit wasn't one dollar but two dollars. its still low though.

fancy two handle = 6$ two handle guard = 3$ greatsword = 30$ = 39$ to make, 41$ to sell

Oh and i just noticed that you don't get any profit on daggers.

Copper dagger = 10$ copper, 5$ fancy handle = 15$ make, 15$ sell meaning no profit.

You mostly gain 5-6$ with fancy handles on every weapon other than daggers, greatswords AND one hand swords.

Also, you don't have to use the normal hammer heads, as customers accept great hammers as one handed/two handed and polearms.

I like that greatswords are fixed now but their prices are still to low. I got like 42 for a bronze greatsword with a fancy two handle.

30$ ingots, 6$ handle, 5$ guard = 41$ cost. ONLY 1$ profit.

Happens every time I craft it.

Its a common bug known for a long time, its not completely fixed, but its being worked on. He haven't fixed it yet but it's slowly getting improved and better. If you want it to get unstuck, you can rotate the sword out of it being stuck. It's a little wonky to rotate but it works. You could also tap right click to edge it towards you, this usually only works if you rotate it first to get half of it above ground then tap right click.

Oh bless the almighty blacksmith, that's so relieving. Though i don't have much of a problem with the snapping to anvil, it's just been so confusing lately, buggy and the satisfaction that it had made you want it back.

Do anyone miss when you could put the ingots on the anvil yourself, and even though they might fall off, you kept going? Do you miss the feeling of reality where you did the work instead of the game doing it for you?

I for one had no problems with the ingots falling off, and even if they did, i didn't get mad over it, i kept going. Made me feel like a real blacksmith, it was overall pretty satisfying.

One comment = One prayer for the old anvil

RIP anvil, you will be missed.

To get the ingots out of the floor you can rotate them, It's not that effective but you might get lucky as if you get half of it above ground, it's pretty easy from there. The rotate controls are a little inverted, its not that easy to use tho.

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I'm using 0.0.63 64bit

I noticed that the lightning was brighter this time then it was before but then I noticed some bugs.

1. The moment I got out of the bedroom, all the grass textures only rendered like two-three feet away from me, and so if I went backwards, it would derender and if I went forwards it would render again. I did not notice that Pre-patch.

2. The lighting in the shop and the sky outside keep changing and so at day time, it feels like at multiple points that time is going way to fast as I've seen sundowns (orange sky etc) at day time and other times, the outside gets really dark for a short period of time. Even at night it feels like a new day has just started then it's back to normal. The lighting inside the shop keep changing aswell.

3. A really annoying bug that I've found is that when you order a shipment with lets say 5 or 10, the ingots will glitch into the floor when you unpack it while Pre-patch the ingots would just fly upwards.

4. If you put materials on the workbench to craft with, there's a chance that if it glitches through the workbench and if there's other parts on the workbench, the sword/hammer/dagger will leave the grip and guard it was made for and go to another material like a pole or one/two hand guard and so I've had to go back n forth to dissemble for example a greatsword that kept going for one handed guards. Also made a mess which wasn't fun to clean up.

5. A bug which is EASY to recreate is to take 2 pre-made swords or poles and then put them on top of eachother, doing so will trigger the notification to tell you that you've crafted that item, and so this is basically spammable. This also happens on the workbench.

6. The anvil still has some issues, as if I still add 3 ingots, theres a chance banging it will make no sound or any crafting whatsoever and so I've had to take an ingot out and replace it to make it work.

7. The anvil also somehow (idk how yet) has been able to disassemble a sword I put in the shelf infront of it probably due to me disassembling the great sword I talked about earlier.

Any news if the alternative option to make it so that you can use the old anvil to be added? I for one miss it dearly.

Oh and 8. Greatswords only produce One dollar now as profit, its better than before but it's not really a lot (I used a fancy two handle).

My specs are: Windows 7 Home Premium Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU 3.40Ghz 16GB RAM

Make it so that customers will ask for a certain weapon variety like a dagger pole or hammer pole and so that every different sword/hammer/pole variety costs more or less depending on who asks for it.

Also, what about adding customers who already have armor and swords? you keep seeing them in the background but the only one's who asks have nothing, would be cool to see actual adventurers come and order from you. Maybe add so that the more you play, the more experienced and popular warriors comes.

TIP from me to you: When the day is over, instead of instantly going to sleep, create tool parts for every weapon (Hammer heads, daggers and swords), and create some finished weapons to have on the shelf. So whenever a customer comes in, give them an already finished weapon, then create a new one from your parts. When someone else comes in, you've already made another weapon. Give, create anew repeat.

This will allow you to continue to even 10 seconds or less if that would be the case.

Its happened to me a lot, where the customers would come from a certain direction then get stuck on a prop or entity and just stand there, Other times, NPC's will walk into the customers and then they wont be able to get to you, but most of the time, the customers start jumping out of the way and then they get to the shop. Its such a hassle that the waiting timer doesn't start until they get inside the shop and so ive had to randomly choose a weapon and keep going back n forth to give it to them.

Whenever I got a order of a great sword or great hammer or a one handed sword, I just snapped the ingots on the anvil and hammered it and then I didn't get what I was trying to make.

Oh and btw, if you hammer an ingot on the anvil for half the duration it would normaly take to craft a dagger but then put another ingot or two and continue hammer it, you would expect to get a greatsword but instead it creates a dagger and leaves the rest of the ingots alone instead of using all of them. Also if you one ingot on the anvil, you can change its position and then if you try to hammer the anvil, nothing will happen, no sound will occur and no crafting will either which means you need to reattach the ingots on the anvil.

I used the anvil when I first start the game after the ingots are smelted.

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I'm running 0062 Windows 64 bit

1. Anvil is pretty broken now, I cant get past a day as when people needs a one hand sword, and so I put 2 ingots on the anvil, it doesn't recognize that there is 2 and so it makes a dagger instead. This also happens to Great swords/Hammer so sometimes it'll create a dagger and sometimes it'll create a one hand sword instead of a great sword.

Only a fraction of the time does it actually make the item I'm asking for. And also if its 2 ingots on the anvil and the other gets made into a dagger, the dagger itself can get stuck inside an ingot.

2. Another bug I noticed is that sometimes the ingots wont snap on the anvil and so you will have to keep fiddling to get it to snap. This also happens if you try to un snap it from the anvil as sometimes it doesn't pull the ingot away.

I miss the old way of doing it, even though it was at times a hassle to get them on the anvil, it was more immersive and fun. Though I know you will make the right decision as I still love the game and its concept.



3. I also noticed that if you start a new game, gamma goes to 0 and so does resolution, atleast for me. Made the hole game black until I realized the issue.

4. I tried to assemble a one handed sword on the workbench that had some stuff on it (not sure if its that what caused it or not), I had the handle and guard ready and I had just aligned the sword with the rest and then what happens is that instead of creating the one hand sword, it creates a dagger and the notification goes crazy (I got like 6 messages telling me I had made a dagger).

If the unreal engine is crashing, it means ur drivers aren't up to date, if they are up to date (And you've checked) then it's something else but if you haven't checked then you should (This have happened to be on other games, worked to update my game drivers)

Ive found something interesting. You can use the great hammer part on the One hammer tool and the customer's will accept it and give you the price of the great hammer even though they asked for a normal hammer. Makes it more worth to get great hammers instead of normal ones.

A really good tip if you are doing this legit is that every night, instead of instantly going to bed, stay awake as the timer wont change and nothing will happen to you if you do stay awake, the game will only resume when you sleep. In this time, what i usually do is to make every part (Hammer, dagger, swords) and order 5-10 of every grip handle and some excess ingots so that the next day, i just need to assemble the tools and give it saving so much time.

What i do about the ingots when i play is that i don't wait until it says (ready) instead i pick them up when they start creating sparkles, when i do so, then it changes to (ready).

Also, you can put all the ingots into the furnace and turn it on, even if you sleep, they will still be ready in the furnace for crafting. It saves so much time.

Or maybe use the excess money to upgrade the building or upgrade the back or front garden to look better than random rubble everywhere.

1. The game isn't a first person fighter or shooter game, it's a game about crafting and selling, what ur looking for is another game.

2. This isn't minecraft, there isn't supposed to be inventory slots, it's more centered around the old times and as far as i know, they didn't have inventory slots. Though different tools would be cool as then you could use a tool to pick up the metal from the furnace instead of using ur hands.

3. I feel like instead of using the wood in the back for handles, he could make the furnace needing wood as fuel and so you need to refuel the furnace by cutting wood behind the building instead.

4. I feel like that would over complicate the game as of right now its already hard to learn how to play and so different screws and such would just be annoying to work with.

5. As far as i see it, the blacksmith is a swordsmith and so doesn't make bows/arrows. Though i believe it will create shields because of the teaser on the left wall in the shop with the shields.

6. Again it's not minecraft, you don't mine for ores in this game, you order them. You didn't mine for ores back then as a blacksmith, you ordered them like other shops while the actual mine's did it.

What i want to see is that the water bath at the right side of the furnace would be made to work so that you would have to dip the finished blade or hammer head into the water/oil to strengthen it (Maybe it would sell for more?).

I found another bug that when you make a One handed sword and give it to the customer, there's a chance that the board where every sales are registered that the weapon will be displayed as "One handed sword", in this case it will be sold at about 11$ (with fancy handle) and other times, it will display as "Bronze one handed sword" where it will pay a descent amount of money (27$ with fancy handle) Though i bet it's less for beginners as i got like 4 points in charisma.

27$ Is still going in no profit because of the worth of the bronze, guard and fancy handle but of course the other version (11$) is just a plain loss.

I'm also having this issue, I'm running windows 7 64bit and my greatswords are selling for 7$ to 10$ when using fancy two hands.

One handed swords also seems to be to cheap.

Why is Greatsword prices and One hand sword prices so low? If I make these and put it in the inventory (Bronze sword, normal two hand) I get 7$!! but when i create the sword i pay about 37$! and so because of this, I'm slowly and slowly getting bankrupt. With the fancy two hand, i get 10$.

With the one handed sword, i get 17$ which is still a loss of like 10$.

Is this a bug or is it supposed to be like that because my profit keep falling, not rising. I do love the game though!

My specs are windows 7 64bit. I'm running the latest version at this moment of replying.