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Pricing in Update 0.0.72

A topic by ayrios created Mar 02, 2017 Views: 322 Replies: 2
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Thanks, Dasius, for increasing the cost of the ingots. I always managed to get to Titanium within an hour on previous builds, and then it feels like you should start over since that's more or less the end of the game. With the newest update, I spent 11 days and only made enough money to purchase 1 ingot of Adelite. It felt much more rewarding to move up to the next tier and the pace is slower, but arguably better. You may have to adjust the decreasing customer timers, though, since now it will take so many days to get into the upper tiers that you may not have enough time to build the weapon they request (I'm not sure exactly how fast the timer decreases every day, but I've seen it go as low as 20-30 seconds in previous builds, and that was not enough time to make something upon request). Thanks for the work!


Hey no problem Ayrios,

Ya i'll be doing nothing but tweeks to the system but it's good to hear it's not too bad. Hopefully everyone else is satisfied with the progression.

The pricing is pretty good however I feel like the price multiplier is a little off. Like when I played the new update, I wondered if when you got to the next tier that the multipler (former 0.1% copper) would Increase when you got to another metal (like 0.5% or 1%+). So that it would be more awarding for the player when you do get enough for the next tier. Right now, it seems like the metals in the game all has 0.1% which means you don't really earn anything more than the previous tier, of course the overall income is better but not the profit as its just increased because of the price of the metal.

So it would of been pretty neat if the multiplier did increase higher and higher based on the rarity of the item.

Also the fancy handles doesn't have a different multipler than a normal handle meaning it doesn't matter if you use a normal or a fancy which means the fancy is basically useless other than decoration. I don't think its supposed to be that way but you be the judge of that.


Oh and I like the feature where you can inspect the item sold for multiplier/price. HOWEVER, I've found a bug which is pretty annoying, all you gotta do is sell items and if you inspect the item's sold, the game will sometimes think that for example if you sell a great sword. the inspect will say that the item you sold wasn't a great sword but a short sword or regular sword. ITS even said great hammer/regular hammer when sold a sword.

And so because of this, I've sold daggers worth 60 and other times 30 but I've never ever sold an item which has gone down in loss which is good but at the same time its surely not intended. Any item can get this bug when sold, you might get a really low price, other times a really high price.


Oh and a out of this topic glitch I've found is that if you put any kind of sword (Short/Regular/Great) and put it close to a pole arm (DOESN'T HAVE TO BE ON THE WORKBENCH) The sword piece or dagger piece will teleport onto the polearm even though the polearm shouldn't be able to hold a regular or great sword, it still happens, and this happens on the workbench AND off the workbench somehow.