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1. The game isn't a first person fighter or shooter game, it's a game about crafting and selling, what ur looking for is another game.

2. This isn't minecraft, there isn't supposed to be inventory slots, it's more centered around the old times and as far as i know, they didn't have inventory slots. Though different tools would be cool as then you could use a tool to pick up the metal from the furnace instead of using ur hands.

3. I feel like instead of using the wood in the back for handles, he could make the furnace needing wood as fuel and so you need to refuel the furnace by cutting wood behind the building instead.

4. I feel like that would over complicate the game as of right now its already hard to learn how to play and so different screws and such would just be annoying to work with.

5. As far as i see it, the blacksmith is a swordsmith and so doesn't make bows/arrows. Though i believe it will create shields because of the teaser on the left wall in the shop with the shields.

6. Again it's not minecraft, you don't mine for ores in this game, you order them. You didn't mine for ores back then as a blacksmith, you ordered them like other shops while the actual mine's did it.

What i want to see is that the water bath at the right side of the furnace would be made to work so that you would have to dip the finished blade or hammer head into the water/oil to strengthen it (Maybe it would sell for more?).

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I agree with all of these. the game isn't minecraft or an RPG, it's about being a blacksmith. perhaps there will be mods at one point, but I'm not sure.

on the water bath: I'd love if a newly created blade were still hot from the furnace, and you needed to cool it down inside the bath.

maybe a little animation that switches out your hammer with some pliers, so it doesn't look like you're actually touching the white hot metal wih your bare hands.

maybe go a step further and require reheating a piece in the furnace to make it smithable again, like if you for example accidentally make a sword blade and dip it in the water, then later need a hammer head, you can just put it in the furnace and work it again.