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I'm using 0.0.63 64bit

I noticed that the lightning was brighter this time then it was before but then I noticed some bugs.

1. The moment I got out of the bedroom, all the grass textures only rendered like two-three feet away from me, and so if I went backwards, it would derender and if I went forwards it would render again. I did not notice that Pre-patch.

2. The lighting in the shop and the sky outside keep changing and so at day time, it feels like at multiple points that time is going way to fast as I've seen sundowns (orange sky etc) at day time and other times, the outside gets really dark for a short period of time. Even at night it feels like a new day has just started then it's back to normal. The lighting inside the shop keep changing aswell.

3. A really annoying bug that I've found is that when you order a shipment with lets say 5 or 10, the ingots will glitch into the floor when you unpack it while Pre-patch the ingots would just fly upwards.

4. If you put materials on the workbench to craft with, there's a chance that if it glitches through the workbench and if there's other parts on the workbench, the sword/hammer/dagger will leave the grip and guard it was made for and go to another material like a pole or one/two hand guard and so I've had to go back n forth to dissemble for example a greatsword that kept going for one handed guards. Also made a mess which wasn't fun to clean up.

5. A bug which is EASY to recreate is to take 2 pre-made swords or poles and then put them on top of eachother, doing so will trigger the notification to tell you that you've crafted that item, and so this is basically spammable. This also happens on the workbench.

6. The anvil still has some issues, as if I still add 3 ingots, theres a chance banging it will make no sound or any crafting whatsoever and so I've had to take an ingot out and replace it to make it work.

7. The anvil also somehow (idk how yet) has been able to disassemble a sword I put in the shelf infront of it probably due to me disassembling the great sword I talked about earlier.

Any news if the alternative option to make it so that you can use the old anvil to be added? I for one miss it dearly.

Oh and 8. Greatswords only produce One dollar now as profit, its better than before but it's not really a lot (I used a fancy two handle).

My specs are: Windows 7 Home Premium Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU 3.40Ghz 16GB RAM