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Anyone Miss The Old Anvil?

A topic by SplicedUpReaper created Feb 17, 2017 Views: 239 Replies: 3
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Do anyone miss when you could put the ingots on the anvil yourself, and even though they might fall off, you kept going? Do you miss the feeling of reality where you did the work instead of the game doing it for you?

I for one had no problems with the ingots falling off, and even if they did, i didn't get mad over it, i kept going. Made me feel like a real blacksmith, it was overall pretty satisfying.

One comment = One prayer for the old anvil

RIP anvil, you will be missed.


I hear you SpicedUpReaper,

I'm working on having the option for both.

Oh bless the almighty blacksmith, that's so relieving. Though i don't have much of a problem with the snapping to anvil, it's just been so confusing lately, buggy and the satisfaction that it had made you want it back.

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I feel yah, I do kinda like the new anvil settings more because of the kinda crappy depth perception, but then again I did get used to it. #Bringitback

(I don't normally do hashtags, so this is REALLY special to me)