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Im running 0.0.71 64bit.

1. Do you guys remember the bug where one handed swords would be displayed as "One handed sword" instead of "Copper one handed sword"? Well now the One handed hammer got it aswell, also I don't gain anything from one handed hammers even when they do display "Copper one handed hammer".

When they display "One handed hammer" I gain 11$ which is a loss of about 14$.

If it displays "Copper one handed hammer" I gain 25$ which is basically no loss, no profit.

2. There seems to be an issue between a weapon and the Casher desk where you sell your weapons. I just tried to sell a polearm and the customer didn't want to grab it. It took 20-30 seconds before he decided to take it. This also happened for some one handed swords aswell. Wasn't a fun experience and as so I lost any want of playing at that time.