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Other than this forum is about bug reports, my reply doesn't have anything to do with his reply. I did it purely because it would be easier to get a reply if you reply to the creator yourself.

About the issue, I was a bit wrong. You are right, two handle guards are 3$ not 5. I've just checked about it.

With no charisma or any other abilities upgraded:

The profit wasn't one dollar but two dollars. its still low though.

fancy two handle = 6$ two handle guard = 3$ greatsword = 30$ = 39$ to make, 41$ to sell

Oh and i just noticed that you don't get any profit on daggers.

Copper dagger = 10$ copper, 5$ fancy handle = 15$ make, 15$ sell meaning no profit.

You mostly gain 5-6$ with fancy handles on every weapon other than daggers, greatswords AND one hand swords.

Also, you don't have to use the normal hammer heads, as customers accept great hammers as one handed/two handed and polearms.

Lol, that is true, you did get my attention. Sorry about that. Managing development of the game and attention to peoples concern is difficult with so many issues that need to be addressed. Not trying to ignore anyone.

Ya the mark up is pretty low. I am tweeking the numbers to get it just right. I have to consider how much Charisma will affect the end price as the player levels it up. In the end, if I increase the mark up then I have to increase the prices for everything else so they are still challenging to obtain while taking into account charisma. Balancing act.

The copper dagger is probably bugged and ill look into the possibilities to why there is no profit.

Ya you can totally use a greathammer head with the one hand grip and sell it as a one hand hammer. In the end, it is a one hand hammer just with a really big hammer head.. So you'll get more for what you would normally sell a regular hammer head. The idea is you can make any weapon and sell it based on what the customer requested even if its non conventional. Still working on it though. Its definitely not where I want it.

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Yeah, normal hammer heads is basically a waste of time now as its much faster producing great hammers.

Btw when checking the prices up, I saw that all weapons I had premade last time I played was disassembled and so I had to reassemble them.

You are looking into the case that ingots get trapped underground if you order a too large crate? And that lighting changes the time of day when in reality the time didn't change? (At one point its dawn and on another point its night time then day time).

About notifications: They seem to spam the messages a lot when you either craft them or bump two of the same on each other.

And lastly, I love the new crate for the polearms but what I've noticed is that when you unbox one with a lot of polearms, they still glitch and bounce around. Would be really cool if they spawned in a sort of stacked laying position like you would put logs in on the floor.