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Game gets harder

A topic by lilbro created May 11, 2017 Views: 441 Replies: 6
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The game gets harder later on in the game I am sure someone else said this but I cant play the game when it gets harder to like 20 seconds please if you could make it more easy.

I never found it to get harder, the way I play is not to make things as theyre ordered but in advance. I usually have 3-5 of each item laid out on the floor. When a customer comes in I give them the requested item, then go back and forge the replacement.

Also when you have the money to buy an ingot of the next metal, buy one and make a blade but dont attach it, wait til someone comes in asking for a polearm or dagger and then attach to what they want and replace

well thank you for that but I was thinking about that but I was thinking I was wasting money I do something like that jest I use up something like a fancy 2 handed grip and replace it. but thanks for your help I might use it I was hopping to get a reply by the creator but thanks.

Its actually not useful to sell the customers dagger polearms. Make great hammers and put them on the polearms, gives you about 35-45 each time.


Hey Lilbro,

I do intend on adding different levels of difficulty for the next update.

Sorry it's ruining the fun for you.

Whens the next update? Im wondering since there hasn't been one in months. Has something happened? Hiatus or block? Or is it a huge update?


Hey SpicedUpReaper,

I'm working on a larger update. :)

No ETA yet.