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your other post says you only have a mac

Its been said in other posts. no date is set yet as its going to be a large update

I never found it to get harder, the way I play is not to make things as theyre ordered but in advance. I usually have 3-5 of each item laid out on the floor. When a customer comes in I give them the requested item, then go back and forge the replacement.

Also when you have the money to buy an ingot of the next metal, buy one and make a blade but dont attach it, wait til someone comes in asking for a polearm or dagger and then attach to what they want and replace

Save and then reopen the game, that happened to me and doing that fixed it

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I have a couple suggestions.


Mace - 1 ingot blunt weapon with 1 hand grip (the dagger of the hammer family)


It would be great if the crates had a lid that could be closed, that way if one is picked up with items inside (i use one of mine to hold 1h grips in the store) the contents dont explode everywhere


Orders of more than 10 would be amazing, would save much back and forth work to bring quantities of grips and guards into the store


Add another torch to the right side of the bench, to make it easier to see when assembling at night (currently only a small portion stays bright enough to see metal on the blue of the bench)

Game version 0.0.731

Iron greatswords sell for $8.00