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I never found it to get harder, the way I play is not to make things as theyre ordered but in advance. I usually have 3-5 of each item laid out on the floor. When a customer comes in I give them the requested item, then go back and forge the replacement.

Also when you have the money to buy an ingot of the next metal, buy one and make a blade but dont attach it, wait til someone comes in asking for a polearm or dagger and then attach to what they want and replace

well thank you for that but I was thinking about that but I was thinking I was wasting money I do something like that jest I use up something like a fancy 2 handed grip and replace it. but thanks for your help I might use it I was hopping to get a reply by the creator but thanks.

Its actually not useful to sell the customers dagger polearms. Make great hammers and put them on the polearms, gives you about 35-45 each time.