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Charisma is not a feature yet, it's not a bug, it just doesn't work

No, not yet

It's stuck in here as soon as you put it in.

I have the same problem. Did you find a way to open it again?

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It appears, there is a bunch of smaller bugs (but they are still kinda annoying):

1. Some customers don't have a cancel button (with a red X).
2. Some customers don't leave the shop after cancelling their order.

They leave after I close my shop and reopen it, but
3. sometimes a bunch of customers stuck in each other and can't move, so I have to relaunch the game.
4. Sometimes cusomers magically appears in my shop - one right after another, without any time between them. Relaunching the game or reopening my shop not always works (fix - close the shop for a day or two).

5. When I continue the game after closing it, all the guards on my swords disappear, but customers still buy them as fully completed ones.
6. Some items on the workbench are crazy: I made a polearm once and it jumped so high in the sky, I've never seen it again. Normal axes and hammers  are also very jumpy. Shields are completely fine tho.
7. When I try to make more than one ingot in the smelter, some of the ore chunks stays in it. After relaunching the game I can smelt them again. It's great for the gameplay, but still a bug.
8. When I put more coal in the smelter after I had not enough fuel for smelting, it still doesn't count. To fix it I have to relaunch the game.
9. I can't put ore chuncks out of the smelter after I clicked something in the smelter menu, so, when something stays in (point 6), I can't take it out. Fix - relaunching the game.
10. Wooden logs, that I stored, are slowly losing their... health? indexes: from 100% to 10%, 1%, 0,01% and 0%. I can use them for shields even when they hit 0%, and they are completely fine, but these numbers are strange and... disturbing. Something tells me it's not normal.

11. The door in the cave is closed since I relaunch the game. No way to fix it yet.

Have you ever thought about translating the game into other languages? I could help with Russian at that point. If you will need it, of course.

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Hello, Dasius. I really like what you did to the game, but I have some bugs, as usual.

1. Infinite customers at the same time (I already know, how to fix it)
2. When I spend too much time in the menu, it's freezing, and I can't even close it (have to reload my computer)
4. Grips and metal parts aren't so easy to put together (not sure if it's even bug tho, maybe just feature?)
3. The physics sometimes are funny - chopped trees, ingots and parts are all over the place
4. After I save the game, quit and continue again, customers don't want to buy any shield I made before, so I have to break all of them on the anvil and remake (and I have A LOT of shields, so it's kinda annoying). I remember this bug was with any other weapon in previous versions, but you fixed it, and now only the shields do this thing - weapons I made earlier are completely fine, and customers buy them.

Thank you for improving the game tho, It's amazing how it changed since very first versions. Keep up the good work <3

This is all I have in \bin

I tried to delete everything and restart, but the app simply restores all files and doesn't work. Then I tried to delete everything and install an older version of butler, the one you suggested, and then restart. Apparently, I made it even worse...

There is now a new butler archive. I unpacked it, the new file replaced the old one, and the old issue came back. So, this is the easiest way I tried. I appreciate your help, but I'm not sure, how to work with Command Prompt. I tried to print this, but the syntax error appeared. It says: "The File name, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect", so any advice would be very helpful. Thank you.

I tried to even reinstall the app, still didn't work

It's in Russian, but you can see, I have Win 10 Home x64. Antivirus - Windows Guard

I cannot run app, it tries to download butler and failes every time. What should I do? Please help!

It's downloading as WinRAR archive with 3 folders and a bunch of files, which my computer refuses to run. I'm not sure if is it the right thing. Is it? Or should I change filename extension or something?

Thank you for quick response. Where should I save fix-files? Should I extract all folders just in folder with .exe file? Or should I extract all files from them too?  Sorry, I couldn't find the proper instruction anywhere.

0.0.82, win10 (64x)
After day ~65 my character starts "sliding" after every jump. He becomes hard to control, like if there would be glass everywhere around. And you have to jump on that place... sorry, I don't know it's name. The place with an anvil. In this version the character kinda stucks on the little step and can't overcome it without jump.

If I try to pick up the drawing of all weapon, the game start lagging and run about 5 FPS

Not sure, is it a bug or not, but fancy grips marked as common grips.

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Version 0.0.82

1. Ingots stack on the anvil and sometimes don't count properly because of it.

2. After loading the saved game customers don't want to buy stuff I crafted before quitting the game, so I have to destroy it on the anvil and craft again.

3. Boxes glitch into each other, when I order stuff two times in a row.

4. The light in the shop a little bit glitchy sometimes

Still want to say thank you for fixing annoying bug, when all the weapon become heated and disassembled after loading the game. Good job!

Thank you for the answer, the game is becoming better and better!

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I found some old bugs in the 0.0.71.

1. Sometimes the price of the Great Titanium Weapon is messed up - it's extremely low One hand hammers can do it too, but more rarely.

2. All swords could stuck in the workbench texture. They can and they do, unfortunately, very often.

3. If I quit the game and launch it again, all crafted weapon become broken into pieces. Is it a real bug or just feature? If it's feature, I don't like this feature, it makes me sad :(

4. When I try to change the size or color of the shop name, it becomes impossible to close this menu.

5. Customer can stuck outside without moving, so I have to relaunch the game to fix it.

I also found a new bug - when I put two or three ingots on the anvil, one of them sometimes... unites? to another. In other words, I see only two ingots, but actually there are three of them on the anvil. Waiting for the next update, I tried to do smth with the first bug and I decided just to use my two hand grips and never make any great weapon, so I bought some copper ingots and did it. Now, when I try to make any titanium weapon, I put titanium ingots on the anvil, but all of them become copper weapon! Why, Copper God?!

Also, when I forget to change hammers to blades in the little z-menu, I can make great or common hammer head from 1 ingot. I coud solve all these problems by relaunching the game, but not the second and the third, so, please, help me...

Upd: customers now stuck so often, than I can't even play properly...

The last 0.0.71 update is SO adorable! The game looks much... softer? I don't know, I really like the new menu and forest with houses and river. The only complaint - now there is pretty dark in the shop, it was better, when there was brighter, and also the little blacksmith shop is... maybe too little? Now it feels like there is not enough space for me and all my stuff. It would be cool, if this cute little shop would be just a little bigger and brighter.

The game is one of my favourites, btw, thank you very much for fixing all annoying bugs! <3

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Thank you very much for fixing the "day 0" bug in 0.0.63, this is REALLY helpful! But now there is another two bugs: ingots keep stucking in the floor texture, and the sky and the light are messed up. It looks like the day and the night are changing too fast, a hundred times for the actual day. It's light for a few seconds, but then the darkness came for a few seconds and so one. But this is way better, than resetting all progress, so thank you for 0.0.63!

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I launch the game and I never know, which bug I gonna catch this time. The most annoying one and the only one I can't solve by myself is when I exit the game and start again: all progress resets, there is a text "day 0" in the corner, and I have no items or money, so I have to start new game. Also, in 13th day customers enter the shop, order and leave at once without waiting for the order. Sometimes they could take an item on the shelf, but very rarely. I hope, it will be fixed soon, because I still absolutely love this game. I'm on Windows 10.