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Hey SplicedUpReaper

Just to get a clearer understanding of the problem;

  • Did you do anything else other then put the ingots on the anvil?
  • How many times have you used the anvil before the issue started?
I'm thinking of adding an option in the options menu to enable or disable anvil snapping.

Whenever I got a order of a great sword or great hammer or a one handed sword, I just snapped the ingots on the anvil and hammered it and then I didn't get what I was trying to make.

Oh and btw, if you hammer an ingot on the anvil for half the duration it would normaly take to craft a dagger but then put another ingot or two and continue hammer it, you would expect to get a greatsword but instead it creates a dagger and leaves the rest of the ingots alone instead of using all of them. Also if you one ingot on the anvil, you can change its position and then if you try to hammer the anvil, nothing will happen, no sound will occur and no crafting will either which means you need to reattach the ingots on the anvil.

I used the anvil when I first start the game after the ingots are smelted.