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Hey, great game idea! :)
Here some bugs i've found (in 0.0.62):

1. Customers not accepting greatswords (Already happened in .61)
Reproducing is kinda hard because it sometimes works, sometimes not.
2. Customer struggling with getting out of the shop (see video below)
Only happened this time, didn't happen again after that yet.
3. When ordering items: they explode when opening crate if it contains one polearm or too many items.

4. Black bar on 2nd screen when in fullscreen.
Disappears when minimizing and reopening the game. (
5. Saves not working properly. Day count, the shop names font size and color aren't saved.

My specs:

That's all for now, keep up the great work!

Thanx Buson94,

For 1 and 2. I had trouble reproducing that bug on my end so couldnt get it fixed. This helps me narrow down the issue better. I'll aim to fix it for the next path.